New Blueshirt Banter Hockey League for XBOX 360! (UPDATE!)

Ok guys!  Since Luker is busy with school, I'm going to try and get this league started ASAP.  I also have never done this before, so let me know if there is anything you guys see that can be done better or different.  I want to keep everything the way that Luker had for this time around.  As soon as he removes the old league I will create the new one the same way.  under the abbreviation BBHL with the password avery16.  I'll update the post when I make the new league (hopefully tonight!) and then everyone can join in as the team Luker gave you.  I want to try and get everyone added by Friday so I can make a schedule over the weekend and post it Monday. 


Blueshirt Banter Hockey League Facts:


  • Maximum of 20 players allowed.
  • 1 league game played per week  - There will be a schedule released each week. You will play one player each week. This will be explained more in depth at a later point. 
  • Each player will play each other player once for a 19 game season.
  • Playoffs will be five game series (I think 8 or 10 teams will make playoffs, not sure until schedule is created after we start the league)
  • The league will have one "GM" (Commissioner/Player who have powers to change league stuff); myself (Erik886) .
  • Unfortunately, Luker will be occupying the New York Rangers in the league. He did all the hard work as far as I'm concerned and as much as I would like to say that im doing it now, im gonna let him keep them...NEXT TIME THOUGH..they are MINE! lol
  • There isn't much glitching, but if you cheat and I find out you will obviously be kicked out of the league. Unnecessary/Overkill of the fighting feature will also be frowned upon.
  • Players who do not finish games will be on the three strike system in terms of discipline.
  • If internet connections do not work out for some reason, be honest and try to figure it out. If not, play the game at a later date and let me (erik886) know of the situation

The BBHL as of right now (10/25 @ 2 PM EST - 18 Members):

  • Rob L (HOTSAUCE17) - NYR -
  • WalkerNYRanger (HighInk) - LA Kings -
  • AndroSFL (AndroWarrior) - Minnesota Wild -
  • erik81686 (Erik886) - Calgary Flames -
  • klh200i (killah beee) - Pittsburgh Penguins -
  • imprisonedRangersfan (Kiradasuto) - Tampa Bay Lightning -
  • nickynut81 (Nickynut81) - Boston Bruins -
  • rmc235 (rmc235) - Washington Capitals -
  • Strades (STRADES) - Dallas Stars -
  • Beanie (surlysailor) - Vancouver Canucks -
  • fuckthecaps (SwankHenderson) - Montreal Canadiens -
  • bjarnich (xxdarkstutter) - Edmonton Oilers
  • efizzle201 (efizzle201) - Anaheim Mighty Ducks
  • beachwhale (Kinghippoi) - New Jersey Devils -
  • mkedmp (demp391) - Carolina Hurricanes
  • Rangerfan5 (BRIANZ1005) - Philadelphia Flyers -
  • BluLion (Azzurro123) - Chicago Blackhawks
  • kiop900 (xRoGx NhL K1nG) - Nashville Predators
  • djoliva99 (djoliva) - San Jose Sharks

Instructions to join the BBHL on Xbox:

1.      Boot up NHL 10, select the XBOX LIVE tab

2.      Scroll down to MY LEAGUES, select tab

3.      Scroll up two to SEARCH LEAGUES, press A

4.      You can search for the league in two ways. The first is the easiest, by typing BBHL into the Abbreviation box. Leave "ADVANCED LEAGUE SEARCH" as NO. Scroll down and press search which should yield three choices, scroll down to the last one titled "Blueshirt Banter." The second way would be to type "Blueshirt Banter" into the league name. Leave Adanced League search on NO and do the same as above. This should yield one result, Blueshirt Banter. Press A.

5.      Select your team (which you have been assigned above).

6.      Then it asks for you to enter the password. The password for the league is EXACTLY the following: avery16

Note: It might/should say that a player joined the league then was kicked. That was me on another Xbox testing my directions. Also, if you join the league and do not sign up in the comments, I will kick you out.

Well, if you're still reading you're in the league at this point. Hopefully this all works out and we get games done, as it should be a fun time. If not, well, we all have nothing to lose except time wasted (or well spent?). If anyone has any questions use this thread while it's up (it should be on the sidebar as well for a month) and then as this gets older I will replace it with a new one. This is my first time creating a league, so there might be some hiccups, but in the end I think we will be alright.


OK...So I copy and pasted the Blueshirt Banter Hockey League Facts that Luker posted on his original post.  Just waiting for him to get the old league deleted then just like the first time you can follow the instructions above.  Ill let you guys know when the new league is up!



The new league has been created...go ahead and sign up so we can get started.




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