Getting to know Blueshirt Banter

Blueshirt_mediumFor all our new members, a little "how-to" on Blueshirt Banter

Just wanted to take a minute and bring everyone up to speed on some of the features here on Blueshirt Banter. We've had many new members come on board the last few weeks, and we welcome all of you, and want to make sure you know just how great a website this is:

Fan Posts: Got something on your mind? A topic you want to discuss? Have at it, post your very own Ranger or NHL related story here, and if we like it, we just might move it to the front page! Just keep it PG-13.

Fan Shots: Got a Rangers or NHL picture or video you want to share? Post it up in the Fan Shots for all of us to get a look at. Same rule as Fan Posts, keep them PG-13.

Player rosters: At the top of the home page, there is a tab for "players". By clicking the tab, you can see the player page for every player on the Rangers roster, along with all their stats.

Share us on Facebook: Also at the bottom of every story, you will see a button to share the story on Facebook. If you like the story, share us! Blueshirt Banter also has a page on Facebook, which I swear I am going to update more often.

Digg it!: There is also a button at the bottom of every story to share our stories on Digg, if you like the story, go ahead and share it.

"Re-tweet" us!: If you are on Twitter, you can click the "Re-tweet" button at the bottom of every story, and share it with your followers.

Follow us on Twitter: Your Blueshirt Banter team can all be followed on Twitter! Here is how to find our great team of writers:

@jrs1940-Jim (jrs1940)

@rangerreporter-Joe (rangerreporter)

@themanicranger-Ryan (tmranger)

@TheSchwab12-Rob (TheSchwab)

Email us: At the bottom of the home page, you can email any one of us. If you have an idea for something you would like to see on the site, or if you have a comment, complaint, or compliment, let us know. This site is for all of us, we want all of you to be a part of it, and we really do value your input.

If you've been lurking, join the conversation! We've got a great group of posters here, and we all love the Rangers just like you.

Blueshirt Banter Radio: Every Wednesday night Blueshirt Banter takes to the airwaves on Blog Talk Radio from 7:30 PM to 9. We talk Rangers hockey, and take your phone calls.

So to our new members welcome, and to our old members, thank you!

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