Rangers Analysis: A look at the NHL Free Agents still out there

Following is a list of forwards and defensemen that are still left on the market. One could make a case for anyone of them but i'm gonna give my opinions on each of them and you decide if you want to see them in a Rangers uniform. You can also take a look at the list on are the people I would not mind seeing in a Rangers uniform)

Saku Koivu 16-34-50 in 65 GP     Koivu's days in Monteal are numbered and he has suitors lining up to give him a chance. Most notably are the Rangers and Devils. His production has declined in the last 3 seasons going from 65pts. to 56pts. and now 50pts. They are saying we need a Center for gaborik and they are saying Koivu could be the one while I am not sure I wouldn't mind seeing the experiment for no more than just this season. Besides worse case scenario put Drury on his wing.

Robert Lang 18-21-39 in 50 GP   

Brendan Morrison 16-15-31 in 81 GP

Jason Williams   19-28-47 in 80 GP

Alexei Kovalev 26-39-65 in 78 GP    Another one cast out of Montreal's world and into the realm of free agency. Kovalev is getting up there in age but still has hands to produce and still has great speed. I think he would be a great addition to the team for one or two seasons at no more then 2.5 to 3 million. Also he can be somewhat of an insurance policy if Gaborik goes down with an injury.

Maxim Afinogenov         6-14-20 in 48

Ales Kotalik         20-23-43 in 75 GP

Petr Sykora         25-21-46 in 76 GP   Tell me you all remember how great he was at shoot-outs. I love seeing players that score more goals then assist on them because that shows me that they can be a finisher. I think he could help on our PP but not as much as Kovalev could. Personally I think he would be back in a Penguins uniform if it were not for that pesky cap.

Todd Bertuzzi                    15-29-44 in 66 GP

Rob Niedermayer            14-7-21 in 79 GP

Alex Tanguay     16-25-41 in 50 GP

P.J. Axelsson      6-24-30 in 75 GP

Andy Hilbert       11-16-27 in 67 GP

Mike Comrie      10-17-27 in 63 GP

Mats Sundin       9-19-28 in 41 GP

Francois Beauchemin     4-1-5 in 20 GP   The hard hitting defenseman momma always wanted. Yeah he was injured for most of the season but I think he could help on our blueline. Besides i love watching this fight.

Mathieu Schneider         9-23-32 in 67 GP(Never really liked Schneider but could make the argument he would help more then...)

Sergei Zubov      0-4-4 in 10 GP   If healthy can man the PP. Still has a great shot from the point despite his age. His contract should be no more than a season at no more then 2 million, just because of how injury prone he is.

Jay McKee          1-7-8 in 69 GP   

Nick Boynton     5-16-21 in 68 GP

Darryl Sydor       3-12-15 in 73 GP

Dennis Seidenberg          5-25-30 in 70 GP

Marc-Andre Bergeron   14-18-32 in 72 GP  Offensively gifted defenseman who from what I hear is not a defensive liability. I wouldn't mind seeing him in our line-up for a couple seasons just in case MDZ or Sangs are not ready to make the jump into the NHL.


Are my theories flawed. Yeah probably. This is the reason I ask that you all give your own feedback on the players listed above.

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