Can one man change a team? Maybe Vaclav Prospal can!

**Just to warn everyone this article is based on Brandon Dubinsky being signed. **

Let me start off by saying that Vaclav Prospal is not a superstar.  He is a good player that will ultimately change this team for the better (hopefully!!!).  Can one man named Vaclav entirely change the face of an organization?  In the case of the 2009-10 New York Rangers it looks like it!  Let's look at what the lineups would (tentatively) look like before and after Prospal signed with us, and how it impacts the numbers:

The 2009-10 New York Rangers before Prospal:





Now that Prospal has been added let's see the new and improved Rangers:

The 2009-10 New York Rangers with Prospal:





Now I'm a numbers guy.  I love playing around with stats, so here are some that will show why this is a good signing.  I'm going to present 3 goal totals for each roster.  The first goal total is a disaster year.  It is the players goals from their worst season to date.  Hopefully this NEVER happens again!  The next goal total is an expected year.  This is calculated from their career goals per game applied to an 82 game season.  This is what they average over a career per season.  The final goal total is a breakout year, or in some cases a contract year.  This is the total from their best season in their career.  We want this team to push its limits!

Roster without Prospal: 116-213-257 (I got this by adding 1 to the averages of Boyle's and Lisin's average because they have not played a full season yet, so there is SOME but very little speculation which I try to avoid).

Roster with Prospal: 116-217-268.

Now as you can see the numbers with Prospal are better than the ones without (except the total failure season, which I hope does not happen at all).  This is a huge plus.  Also, this frees up the lines to be more accurate.  Ales Kotalik and Sean Avery are more third line players, while Christopher Higgins and Ryan Callahan deserve to be on the second line with Chris Drury.  Our first line has 2 players that deserve to be there, but one question mark in Brandon Dubinsky.  Dubinsky can surly be our second line center if he is not first line material, and Vaclav Prospal and Marion Gaborik will do nothing but make Chris Drury better.  The Rangers have added a first line player on their team for 1.1 million, so there is no question that he was a steal.  On top of that, this signing made the team better and eliminated some questions in Higgins on the first line, Arnason in the lineup, and Anisimov with 1 quality player and one enigma.  His signing places less pressure on Higgins by putting Higgins on the second line, gives us a better 4th line (because we all know it matters more than the first line in NY), and gave Anisimov 2 NHL talented wingers to play with.  I had some confidence in this team before the Prospal signing, but after today I have some more.


Let's end with a poll!

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