NY Times interview with Torts

The NY Times recently did an interview with our Head Coach, John "Torts" Tortorella. In hit he talks about the hiring of Messier as Special Assistant, Gilroy, Prospal, the upcoming season and finally Gomez. Here is the link to the interview. HERE Here are the highlights of the interview...

On Prospal:

“He still has talent,” Tortorella said Tuesday of the 34-year-old Prospal. “I think he has something to prove. And Vinny Prospal is a pretty damn good player when he has something to prove. He’s a pain sometimes, which doesn’t matter. It’s a good intensity that he has. I think he can help us. He has some offensive skill. It’s a good signing. It’s a one-year deal, not a bunch of money, and this guy has something to prove. I think he’s a pretty good player when he has that kind of attitude. He’ll help us on the power play.”

On Gilroy:

”He’s a skill player. He needs some work as far as understanding the defensive part of the game in his own end zone. But the thing that I love about him is he’s trying to get up the ice all the time. He’s got a fair whack at it this year. There are a couple of wide-open spots on D, and it’s important that we develop some young defenecmen.”

On Messier:

”Him and Glen have gone to war together. Those two guys, they’re tight. That’s what’s great about Glen. He’s a guy who gives people oppurtunites to grow.”

On Gomez:

“A lot of people think that Scotty and I are at odds. We have never been at odds. With us moving Scotty, I don’t think he played that well — I think Scott Gomez is honest about that too, I don’t think he thought he played that well — and we had an opportunity to get out of a contract there that was jamming us a little bit with the cap. I thought that Glen did a terrific job in taking care of that part of it. But I don’t begrudge Scotty anything as a hockey player, and he’s a good guy. Some of the onus belongs on our organization: we didn’t have a whole bunch of wingers that could help him. He’s playing in a pretty good city, too. So I wish him the best of luck.”

On Gaborik:

“He’s a dynamic player. If we can keep him healthy — and he’s healthy now — we want to let him play. I know he’s gonna show me that he can play away from the puck and be competitive there. But we’re looking at the other end, and we want him to be that spontaneous, dynamic player. I just don’t think you win consistently in this league unless you have that kind of dynamic player. I am not going to overcoach him. I just want him to be instinctive. If shows me a two-way street the other way, as far as competing away from the puck, he can do his thing.”

On the upcoming season:

“I’m ready to go — I’ve been ready to go for a couple of months now. I just want to get up to New York. Next week I’m going to be there and get going.”

Yeah it basically covers the whole article but it still has some good things to read. I cannot wait until the upcoming season. I cannot wait to see how intense training camp is going to be...well were only a few weeks from Traverse and after that our Training Camp...well talk to you guys tonight on Blog Talk Radio.

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