Time to Make a Trade?

Ok, let's be real, although the Ranger's showed a solid scoring output in the preseason, and posted 12 goals in its first three games, we all know about their offensive ineptitude. So, with the injury to the team's top scorer Gaborik, and, losing a center, Chris Drury, I wonder whether or not it's time for Glen Sather to pull the trigger. Now down two centers due to injury, (Drury and Prospal) and having moved Dubinsky to the wing (where he looks much more comfortable) we are left pretty thin in the middle. EC, Anisimov, Stepan, and Boyle seem like the likely candidates right now. I have loved the way Stepan and Anisimov have looked, and Boyle has been one of the biggest surprises on the team. However, although Anisimov and Stepan may be our future number one center, we lack a number one right now. I would much rather Anisimov continue to play on the second line, and Stepan on the third, and have them mature that way. So, with some extra defenders, and, some prospects, is it time for Glen Sather to make a move for a premiere center? Let me preface this idea with this; this is something that could have been argued during the preseason, and, could have even been argued before Drury and Gaborik went down. Now, without Gaborik's scoring, I think it is imperative that Sather make a move. Here is list of possible centers who's services we could enlist...

Just hoping (really praying)

Joe Thorton: The guy is a free agent after the season, and, for the right package  (we would have to give up a lot) San Jose in ensured the former MVP doesn't walk for zero compensation.

Jeff Carter: Also could be looking for a new home in the summer of 2011. Don't get me wrong, this trade will never happen. However, Philadelphia is thin at the goaltender position, and we have some young goalies to offer. Would they ever make a trade like this within the division? Probably not. But hey, this is in the prayer section.

Steven Stamkos: This is more of a joke than anything else. New Lightning GM Steve Yzerman isn't exactly (...Glen Sather?). He's smart enough to know not to give up this kid unless he gets an arm and a leg. But hey, Tampa isn't exactly cash strapped, and after his rookie contract expires (this summer) everyone knows this 50 goal scorer is gonna require the big bucks. 

More realistic, and actually, trades I think NYR could get done

David Backes: This guy was a STUD at the Olympics, and actually, his grit and speed would compliment a Frolov, Gaborik line very well. Also, you think JD might give us a discount?

Mikko Koivu: A creative, quick center who just came off a career high in points. I think his playing style could also fit in with Frolov and Gaborik, and he DEFINITELY fits in Torts "charge ahead" system.

Patrick Sharp: Some people might think this is more of a prayer. However, here me out. It's obvious Chicago has financial problems. Sharp has one year left on his contract, and he's due 4.2 mil. Add that to however much of his 3.9 we'd take on this year, and it would be huge cap relief for a team full of young(er) players that will likely be giving out extensions soon. This would be a straight-prospect deal so Chicago can get some cap relief.


What do you think?

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