I've Been Warned: Nick's Getting Angry!

So when I logged onto The Banter this afternoon, I was greeted by a little red box courtsey of Blue Shirt Banter AlternateRanger Tribune Dictator For Life, and Wayne Gretzky photo co-pilot, Nick Montemagno. Apparantly Nick wasn't too happy that I didn't see eye to eye with his Game Recap last night. Here's what it said ...


I don't care if someone writes about disagreeing with me on the recap, I will usually respect their point of view. But when that person does it just to be an asshole, I have a problem with it. Criticizing me on saying Avery worked hard for a goal because Mason stops it if he is a half second quicker? Dude, you need to find better things to do with your life.

Yes. Quite the tounge lashing, I know. Fortunatly, I've had differences in opinion with the powers-that-be around here before, so my skin is pretty thick. If you are on here regularly, you'll know George and I have been "Frenimies" since he was just a Smurf.  In the past, it's started some decent conversation on here, and have even given "The Buzz Bissinger of Listicles" , Puck Daddy's Ryan Lambert, a chance to send traffic to the site.If I wanted to be strictly informed about the Rangers, I'd just read a newspaper. This site offers a great opportunity to discuss things with other fans, who also have already sucked in every piece of news out there. I tend to be a bit harder on some players then most, but I think I also tend to stand up for some guys who are doing good things, and not in the good favor of the masses on here. It's gotten me labled as a an "Agent Provocatuer" (there's a link to the defination, but its not nearly as good as this "Agent Provocatuer" link), but I prefer to think of what I do as keeping the conversation alive. I know discussions on here have opened my eyes to alot of different views, and I hope that I've done the same for other readers.

It was especially shocking to hear this criticism come from 

the same Nick Montemagno who wrote THIS POST only a few months ago. You don't need to read the whole thing. Here's my favorite part.

Okay, I understand that any random Joe can go out there and start a blog and claim themselves to be a "blogger" and curse on the site, and just display unprofessional qualities


Hmm using your power to send a formal warning from the blog, not because I swore, or threatened you or another poster, but just because I disagreed with you. I wasn't the only one who disagreed with your right up either. Did anyone else get a warning? Either way, it seems like a "display of unprofessional qualities". Oh, and you accused me of being "an asshole", so that covers the cursing too. 


I'm sure you all have better things to do with your time, and Nick would like ME to "find better things to do with my time" , so let me get to the meat of Nick's gripe. I blockquoted 7 parts of Nicks recap, but apparantly only took exception to my comments about Avery. The funny thing is, I never denied Avery worked hard on his goal. I only suggested that Avery's goal, a wrap around that JUST snuck past the goalie, took a bit more luck then White's, that Nick attributed solely to luck. 


Anyway, have your way with me if you choose. I won't send out any warnings for disagreeing. Sure, I don't have the power too, but even I had the power I'd respect your right to your opinion. See you in the comments tomorrow night. 

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