Question about our 3rd Captain

We know that Drury when he comes back will have the C, and Callahan will have the A, but if the reports on Prospal turn out to be true in terms of the worst case in needing surgery and possibly being gone for the year, who if anyone gets the other A?  There is nothing that says we would have to name a 3rd captain as we saw at the beginning of last season when it was just Dru and Cally to start the year, but for the sake of this discussion let's look at some of the options for the post.

In my thinking there are probably 4 guys I would think to put up for the spot, and one who is only up for it in my opinion because of what we saw happen during the preseason.  My top 3 would be Henrik, Gabby and Marc Staal.

Hank:  I know it is not typical to have goalies as captains and Vancouver just took the C away from Luongo, but from watching this team I think it is pretty clear that Henrik is one of the leaders both on and off the ice for this club. 

Gaborik:  In what would be a more traditional move making your best player a captain of some sort and maybe a move like this would have Gaborik step into a more vocal leadership role in the locker room as well.

Staal: Marc Staal is without question the number 1 D man on this club and with his big new contract it is time that he take the reigns as one of the veterans back there as the leader of the D unit.  I believe he has the leadership qualities necessary to carry the letter and also not have it become a distraction to his game.

Dubinsky: Talk last year when we were discussing a 3rd captain had Dubi in the mix and I think he should be there, but I honestly dont believe he would get the letter even if he deserved it because of last year's holdout.  I do think he is ready for that kind of responsibility, but just dont see it happening as was evidenced when Boyle got a letter and Dubi didnt to finish the preseason.

Boyle:  This is one I never would have pegged a month ago and only mention now because Torts felt the need to reward Boyle for his preseason by giving him an A for the last preseason game.

Rozi is also possible for his length of time here

Before anyone asks I have repeatedly said that Derek Stepan will be the future C on this team, but you cannot give a letter to a rookie imo.

Have at it.

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