I know Hockeybuzz is a joke, but read this article. It has nothing to do with rumors, etc. It is just a recap of the Sens-Pens game.

Someone on this site, NTB I believe (if it's not you than I apologize) mentioned to me that I do not follow Penguin games and that the refs do not favor them anymore than they do other teams, so every time the officials win a game for the Penguins, I will make a fan post. You are all welcome to do the same. At the end of the year I will make a post (probably on every SB NATION NHL site listing the games and links to all the articles. It should be fun :) 

So onto the latest game. Here is an excerpt from the article:


The Penguins grabbed a 2-1 lead on quite the controversial score. Chris Kelly was in the box for consecutive penalties on the same shift (hooking, holding), but only one warranted time in the box. Kelly clearly was guilty of hooking behind the net, but the holding call was simply asinine. After Ottawa killed off the first two-minute minor, they gave up a goal to Alex Goligoski where the second part of the "controversy" manifested. Mike Fisher was blatantly taken down in his end with no call made, essentially allowing Goligoski to skate right in and bury the shot past Leclaire from point blank.


So not only did the refs make an awful call to put the Pens on a 4 minute powerplay, they also subsequently ignored a blatant penalty on Pittsburgh. Shocking, right?


You can point to some of the horrific refereeing, especially in the third period, as the reason why the Ottawa Senators lost this game. While I won't dispute that The Stripes were again no better than putrid (the Kelly holding call, the Fisher non call, and the Neil non-call all egregious in their own right), scoring one goal a game is rarely going to win you a game in the National Hockey League.



And the excerpt from it?

We did everything right to win this game and Pascal in the net was unbelievably good,” said Karlsson. “But it’s tough to play against a team and the refs sometimes.”

We've never heard that before right? How about this one.

The power play resulted from an oddity: Chris Kelly was serving the second of two hooking penalties which were called on the same play. Worse still in Karlsson’s eyes was the fact Penguins winger Chris Conner directly interfered with Senators centre Mike Fisher only seconds before the goal. Fisher was lying on the ice as Goligoski skated uninterrupted from the blue-line into the slot, where he beat Leclaire over his right shoulder.


Those are just some more instances where the referees made "mistakes." They just all suspiciously are helpful towards Cindy's team.  I will continue to make these posts, just a heads up. Let's see how many we can rack up before the season ends, huh? Over-under 10? 15? 20?

When does it come to a point where its not a coincidence anymore?

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