A non statistical, non competitive comparison between the Isles and the Rangers

With the big Home at Home with our Little Brother's of the Poor that play in that warehouse in Uniondale tonight and tomorrow I decided to throw together a fun little off the beaten path comparison of the two New York teams that I feel we would all enjoy 

Let's start with Logos 

The Rangers classic shield has barely changed in the 85 years that they have been in existence and has often been said that the rangers shield is one of the best logos in not only hockey but all of sports..I mean come on...this thing is awesome 

Now the Islanders have gone through a couple of identity crises in the past (we all know fish sticks are delicious) but after going back to their classic look I dare say that the Isle's "map" logo as I like to call it is one of the better logos in hockey and truly represents who they are as a team  

Outdated traditions that are still aimed at the opposing team 

C'mon...Potvin Sucks is classic and will never, ever die 

Uhm...ok...not very original but I guess it works

Goal Horns 

I've yet to hear anything more original than the Rangers goal horn, and I mean what they play at the Garden and not the crappy recorded version

I think I know why the Colosseum is falling a part...they should turn down the volume of the goal horn

 Team Legends 

One thing the Rangers are very good at is keeping the history making players around. You always see guys like Brian Leetch, Adam Graves, Rod Gilbert, and others around MSG and around the team, hell Rod just celebrated his 50th anniversary with the team 

Brian Trottier coached the Rangers...I think that's all I gotta say about that 


Home Arenas

"The World's Most Famous Arena" may have lost most of its luster with the Rangers being the Rangers and the Knicks doing their best Barnum and Bailey's impersonation, but it still is one of the best places to watch a sporting event and the crowds are always rowdy

I think the nickname "The Mausoleum" gets truer and truer each and every season, with diminishing fans, an owner who spends most of his time rubbing himself with $100 bills while flipping off any and all city officials who want to rebuild an arena, and being less than structurally's truly a sad state of affairs because the Islander team itself has a chance to be quite competent and competitive if the owner actually gave a shit.



Ranger fans are in two extremes, the fans that are educated and can have a good discussion of the game while giving credit where credit is due (outside the Atlantic Division of course), or the guys who they show on that video before games at MSG where they scream "I AM A RANGER"...some how I don't think they quite get it. Also Ranger fans have a high emotional tolerance and high blood pressure built up from years of dealing with Glen Sather and roller coaster play from the team

Oh Islander fans, for those die hards that have been with the team since the 80's and know what it was like to be on top of the world I really feel bad for you. Those other fans that just jump on Isle's bandwagon because they hate the Rangers? You deserve all that Charles Wang and Garth Snow are doing to your team, but to those fans who remember the 80's dynasty I truly feel for and Edmonton fans must either have the patience of saints, really thick skins, or just have a twisted dark side that somehow enjoys the emotional turmoil you get put through each and every season


Well, I guess that about does it for this little non competitive comparison between the Fish Sticks and the Blueshirts, all that's left is to play the games tonight and hope for a clean sweep...and that the Mausoleum roof doesn't collapse onto the ice causing a mad panic.

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