Some of my favorite 2010 moments (with video proof that it happened)

Well...we're quickly approaching the end of yet another 365 days and I thought why not have a countdown of my top ranger moments from 2010 (January-December)  

P.S. Don't harp on the numbers as a ranking with one being the best or whatever, the numbers just keep my thoughts organized

#10: Getting Prust and some Finnish Joker for Kotalik and Higgins (February 1st, 2010)

At the time the main piece of this deal was getting rid of two horrendous contracts and under performing players and getting back a top line center to play with Gaborik (and eventually blow the season in typical ranger fashion). But as it turns out the biggest acquisition from this deal was a 3rd line enforcer who's main skill was his ability to drop the gloves. 

Brandon Prust has turned out to be one of the biggest reasons for the Rangers success this year. We've all fawned over what the Pruster means for this Rangers team (being the guts behind the soul and heart of the team, picking fights at the right time etc,etc,etc). There's also his inane ability to put the puck in the net with the man down as he leads the team with 3 of the teams NHL leading 8 short handed goals 

And now a video of the Pruster beating on good ol' boy Danny Carcillo 

#9: Stepan's Hat Trick to open the season in Buffalo (October 9th, 2010) 

The Derek Stepan hype train really picked up speed after he captained Team USA to a gold medal in the World Junior Championship. During the off season the Rangers announced that Stepan would be a part of the training camp roster. As training camp played out Stepan shined playing in between Gaborik and newcomer Alex Frolov. As training camp broke with everybody and their mothers who are associated with the rangers, from the big ciggie all the way down to us lowely Banter(er?)s, were singing Derek's praises.

On October 9th, the Rangers and Sabres opened the 2010-2011 in Canada's forgotten city of Buffalo with the Sabres sporting some new/old threads and with what seemed like half of the females from Minnesota aged 18-35 in attendance Derek Stepan, playing mostly with Sean Avery and Ruslan Fedatenko, netted his first three career goals on route to a 6-3 opening night win.

Video proof of Step's awesomeness  

#8: The Captain ties it late and Erik Christensen fools the Whale in the SO (March 25th, 2010)

The Rangers were in the middle of their usual late mad dash for the 8th and final spot and this was a game that the Rangers needed to win (yeah with this team that's a tired cliche). This game was the usual low scoring, goalie centric affair between the Rangers and Devils with Kovalchuck potting two of New Jersey's three goals and both goalies making big saves when it mattered. 

This had all the makings of a heartbreaking and just about season ending loss for the Rangers as they set up in the Devils zone for a face off with .23.6 seconds left and Henrik Lundqvist on the bench for the extra skater. Chris Drury, who had been playing a great second half after coming back from the Olympics, decided that the Rangers were not going to lose this game. 

After Christensen got the puck behind the net, he somehow found Chris Drury who was camped in front of Marty's crease and slid the puck through Brodeur's legs and tied the game at three. 

In the shootout Eric Christensen does what he does best which is make goalies look foolish in the shootout, including those in the booth (yeah, I'm looking at you Chico), and after one more saves the Rangers picked up a big win that had them rolling until Henrik literally ran out of energy and the team's offense followed suit

Fast forward to the 9 minute mark of the video and enjoy Chico's amazement as he notices Christensen's shot actually hit the mesh behind the post 


#7: Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky double team Goliath in Pittsburgh 

Oh was this a humongous win for the Boys in Blue (in this case white). A game in which the Rangers were called for 6 penalties while the Penguins were short handed a total of zero times. The Rangers scored a goal early and leaned on Henrik Lundqvist to carry them through the game.

Then with about 2 minutes left to play in the 3rd someone in the CONSOL Center divided by zero and suddenly the Rangers were down 2-1 and shorthanded. Now this point has been made but in 2009 this game would be in the books as a Penguins win, however, this wasn't 2009 and Brandon Dubinsky set up Marc Staal for a beautiful shorthanded goal late in the third to tie the game at two. 

Fast forward to overtime and it was the Rangers new Dynamic Duo of Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan (who else would it be) who put the final dagger in the ice chickens on a 2-1 give and go that ended with Callahan chipping in the easy feed from Dubinsky who waited out the Flower and threaded a perfect pass to Callahan.

This video takes place after the division by zero occured

#6: Alex Frolov, whodya thunk he'd end up on the good side of this list huh? (September 23rd, 2010)

I'm gonna make this short and sweet, this was the only (as of this writing) positive effect that Alexander Frolov had on the Rangers, and it was in the team's first pre-season game against Marty. 

Video proof of Alex Frolov before his horrific addiction to wraparound took hold on him

#5: Derek Boogaard scores a goal

This may seem lazy but the video tells the whole story...Derek Boogaard scores a goal in a game that features Alexander Ovechkin

#4: The Rangers run all over the Capitals (December 12th 2010) 

The Caps were in the middle of a major funk when they ran into a Rangers team that was coming off a poor effort in Columbus where Lundqvist gave up two late goals in the 3rd to doom the Boys in Blue and send the fan base as close to the ledge as possible. 

Well, everyone took a mighty step back from said ledge after the Rangers skated all over the Capitals at MSG while wearing their dashing new/old jerseys. The biggest star for the Rangers in a game that featured seven goals scored by the home team had to be Brandon Dubinsky who recorded a Gordie Howe Hat Trick with a goal, an assist, and a beat down of Alex Ovechkin who jumped Brandon to try and have some kind of life to their didn't work as the Rangers would go on to rip through Washington and kept the Rangers streak of being undefeated in the second of back to back games alive. 

Dubi's big Gordie Howe Trick

#3: Rangers pot 4 against Pittsburgh late in the 3rd to kick the ice chickens in the balls...again (December 15th 2010)

Three days after the Rangers handled the Capitals they took on the Penguins and were again driving Ranger fans to the brink with poor play and looked uninspired. But in typical 2010 Rangers fashion, they fought hard in the last five minutes of the third and scored 4 unanswered goals led by team rat Erik Christensen who scored a beautiful power play goal over Johnson's shoulder to tie the game at one, followed by a non-wraparound goal by Alex "formerly known as Frolov" Friggins that gave the Rangers the lead. Next up was Artem Anisimov who gave the Rangers some insurance (not sponsored by Geico) and then Brian Boyle sealed the deal with his 12th of the season.

A quick recap, notice the rare appearance of Alex Friggins in front of the net and actually being productive   

#2: Henrik holds court at the Garden, puts on a show for his loyal minions (February 6th, 2010) 

This game had just about everything that you would expect from a Rangers/Devils game at MSG: Both goalies making big saves, big hits being thrown around, Sean Avery getting under Kovalchuck's skin, oh yeah and the Blueshirts picking up a much needed win. 

This was the game that really stood out to me as the game that changed the Rangers season, the team was fighting for their playoff lives and needed a boost and who better to get it from then Henrik Lundqvist, the team's reigning King. 

Henrik's glove was the target all year and all during this game as the Devils tested it early and often but on this night Henrik was as close perfect as he could get. 

Sit back and enjoy the King reign in his court over those mutated freaks from the wastelands to the south

#1: Team USA Hockey in the 2010 Winter Olympics (February 2010) 

Now this may not be a totally Ranger centric entry but with two prominent Rangers on the team (Drury and Callahan) I feel like it deserves an entry because of how big and how exciting this tournament was for USA Hockey. 

After the US beat the Canadians in the WJC, eyes were turning towards the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the Canada/USA tilt as a rematch of sorts. The US team was crafted with a good young core of players and nice mix of superstars (Kessel, Kane, Parise) and grit/role players (Callahan, Kesler, Drury) and had an all world goalie as their backstop in Ryan Miller

The US team would go on to make an impact in the tournament by beating Canada 5-3 in their first meeting and setting the stage for a potential Medal Round rematch which brought a lot of attention to Hockey here in the US of A. 

The Gold Medal game, while not having the desired outcome, proved that USA hockey is no longer a pushover as the team scratched and clawed to tie the game in the dying seconds (The first time i fell in love with Zach Parise) before the Golden Boy beat Miller five hole to win gold

No video because the IOC is a bunch of dicks and won't release their highlights, if you guys find one of either games highlights put it in the comments and I'll add it. 

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