A non statistical, non competitive comparison between the Devils and the Rangers


With the Rangers taking on the cellar dwelling (who'd of thought we'd say that) Devils in part two of "Magical Mystery Tour" through the metro area teams why not take a quick non competitive look at the red headed step child from that industrial waste dump known as New Jersey  

Let's start with Logos 

The Rangers classic shield has barely changed in the 85 years that they have been in existence and has often been said that the rangers shield is one of the best logos in not only hockey but all of sports..I mean come on...this thing is awesome 

The Devils logo has remained the same over the course of their existence. The only change occurred when the Devils went from celebrating Christmas all year long to going to a more clean look of red and black for the rest of their days (so far)


Outdated traditions that are still aimed at the opposing team 

C'mon...Potvin Sucks is classic and will never, ever die 

They just killed a great children's nursery rhyme 


Goal Horns 

I've yet to hear anything more original than the Rangers goal horn, and I mean what they play at the Garden and not the crappy recorded version

Kind of frenetic at the beginning there huh? I wonder how much Gary Glitter makes every time a team uses his they realize they are paying for pedophilia? 

 Team Legends 

One thing the Rangers are very good at is keeping the history making players around. You always see guys like Brian Leetch, Adam Graves, Rod Gilbert, and others around MSG and around the team, hell Rod just celebrated his 50th anniversary with the team 

All of the team's legends are either too concussed to get out of bed in the morning (Scott Stevens), proving that former hockey players aren't the greatest analysts for the new NHL (Ken Daneyko) or just won't go away (Patrick Elias, Fatso) 


Home Arenas

"The World's Most Famous Arena" may have lost most of its luster with the Rangers being the Rangers and the Knicks doing their best Barnum and Bailey's impersonation, but it still is one of the best places to watch a sporting event and the crowds are always rowdy

The brand spanking new Prudential Center (AKA the Rock, AKA the Pebble, AKA that place where no one goes to watch the Devils lose hockey games) has a lot going for it as a sports arena and entertainment center. Too bad it has a lot going against it; namely the fact that the Devils and Nets deem it worthy to call it home, the fact that the arena is located in downtown Newark, and the fact that no in the state of New Jersey gives a shit about both teams



Ranger fans are in two extremes, the fans that are educated and can have a good discussion of the game while giving credit where credit is due (outside the Atlantic Division of course), or the guys who they show on that video before games at MSG where they scream "I AM A RANGER"...some how I don't think they quite get it. Also Ranger fans have a high emotional tolerance and high blood pressure built up from years of dealing with Glen Sather and roller coaster play from the team

Wait...there are actual Devils fans? Not people who have been kidnapped and forced to sit in the seats? I guess it's fitting that the Devils are named after a New Jersey folklore because the inclination that the Devils actually have fans is a myth in and of itself 


Taunts that will always annoy the rival teams 

All the Rangers have to say to get Devil fans riled up is "LOL, you play in New Jersey" if they could find a Devils fan that is 

Most Devils fans would throw their recent Stanley Cup wins in our face...but again if you could find a Devils fan let me know because I haven't seen one in seven years (coincidently, the last time they won a cup...coincidence?) 

Well that about does it for this edition of the non statistical, non competitive comparison series. I would like to say a few nice things about Lou Lamorillo, about how he's run a model organization with no fan base, or how he's always put together a contending team. But I guess the toxic fumes have begun to take full effect on old Lou and its beginning to show 



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