Trade Rumor w/Deal?

I have been on many blog and rumor sites this past week and I continue to see the Rangers mentioned in making future deals this season.  There have been talks with Minnesota Wild, San Jose Sharks, Dallas Stars, and others.  Unfortunately, the players that they wish to acquire cannot come b/c they are either not salary cap compliant, need to give up important players in exchange, or other peculiar reasons.  

The rumor with Minnesota is that the Rangers want to find someone to partner up with Marian Gaborik from his old days in Hockey State USA.  I heard Andrew Brunette's name mentioned a few times.  This season, Brunette has 4g and 7a for 11 pts.  He is also a -5.  Pretty decent for a 37 year old with a $2.333M salary cap hit.  The Rangers are also looking at Brent Burns, a defenseman who can contribute greatly to any team's power play (4g, 1a).  He currently has a $3.455M cap hit,  Together, that is a total of $5.788M in cap space.  Brunette will be a free agent next season and Burns' contract ends in 2013.  Bringing these guys together with Gaborik can set some important spark.

(Here comes the best part, me conducting a trade)


Let's say for argument sake that the deal was to go through.  Who will we give up?  Both teams have a high cap hit, virtually zero dollars, so the numbers must be identical to the last decimal.  I can see a fair deal working involving at least a forward and defenseman.  For the forward, I can see Alex Frolov being sent over to Minnesota.  He has a higher cap hit and not performing to his expectations here in New York.  A change in scenery might be beneficial for his gameplay.  As for the defensemen, Matt Gilroy and Mike Sauer.  Gilroy has not been the guy that the Rangers thought he would be.  He has been scratched lately and replaced by Steve Eminger on defense.  Sauer is an up-and-coming d-man who needs a little more tweaking.  I throw him in so the salary exchange is fair.  By throwing him in, the Rangers might get a draft pick (3rd round probably) added to the deal.  If the deal works, this will be the potential lineup for the rest of the season:

Brunette-Stepan-Gaborik (good setup men with a sniper)

Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan (future of the franchise)

Avery-Boyle-Prust (good players that have been making great contributions lately)

Boogaard-Christensen-Fedotenko (just there)

Staal-Girardi (of course)

DelZotto-Rozsival (common)

Eminger-Burns (surprise player with new face might show some promise)

Lundqvist/Biron (Great starter and great backup)

Scratches- Drury, Prospal, White (injuries, etc.)

For Minnesota:

Frolov-Cullen-Havlat (can generate more offense, may help Frolov on offense)

Koivu-Bouchard-Miettinen (PMB is back and looking good)

Clutterback-Madden-Nystrom (decent line)

O'Sullivan-Brodziak-Staubitz (young line that can help each other improve)

Zidilicky-Gilroy (just a thought)

Schultz-Barker (eh?)

Sauer-Zanon (eh?)

Backstrom/Theodore (good goalies, need more support)

Scratches: Latendresse, Kobasew, Spurgeon, Stoner (injuries and other)




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