Sutter Better Then Slats This Time..

Quick short analysis in the moves that went down this past Sunday. After probably the most drastic (and exciting) trades that took place last night, their is a split in determining which team really benefited the most. Calgary basically open themselves up for the Kovy sweepstakes. If they don't acquire him before the trade deadline, look for Sutter to make the move during the free agency period. It is a gamble on his part because if he doesnt get Kovalchuk during the season, there are now 3 possibly solid scoring lines that will generate various chances (speed,grit, skill). Now you may ask yourself, well how does this give Calgary the chance to get Kovalchuk and how does it prove that Sutter was braver than our own mastermind ( -__- ) GM GLEN SATHER? 

See after the jump..

What Sutter did was a bold move. Giving away a franchise defensemen (when playing up to his potential) and getting 4 players, 3 of which restriced/unrestriced free agents. The other player is Ian White, who is locked up for next year, and as many pro scouts say is currenty playing 100% up to his potential. Wether or not the other 3 forwards (Hagman, Stajan, Mayer) click with the team, may seem like a risky move. However, GM Sutter made moves in order to really shake up the foundation and take a gamble on the season. What he is really doing here is thinking that If they click and help the team into the playoffs, well then good. If they don't fit the system and the team misses the playoffs, well than who cares? Why? Well because even if this team made the playoffs (pre & post Phaneuf trade) and because now those players with expiring contracts wont be resigned, leaving room to sign Kovy in the summer. This is all based on if Kovy doesn't sign with Atlanta, or any other team he might be traded to before the deadline. Basically, with maybe a couple more moves on Sutter's part, he can squeeze Kovy in there. All in all, on July 1st, Calgary would become major players in the Kovy sweepstakes. Ironically, in the end it could look like back on January 21st 2010, Calgary really traded Phaneuf for Kovalchuk. Calgary rid themselves of a big contract( (made possible because of the depth on D) AND opened up room for Kovy in the summer

So all in all, how does this relate to Sather?

SIMPLE! Sather could have made a bold move and sent a possible combo of players such as Rozsival, Redden (or to hartford) Prospal, Higgins, Lisin, Sangs, maybe even Dubi  and a pick in order to take on players with expiring contracts that can free up cap space during free agency in order to try and aquire Kovy.

Its a gamble. Its a gamble Sutter took and Sather didn't (hasn't). 

But being as less optimistic as possible about this whole situation, anything can go wrong. Kovy can re-sign with the team he is traded to (that is if he is traded before free agency or with his new team)? And if this was the case with Kovy, would it force a MASSIVE youth movement (like Pens, Islanders, Phoenix, Columbus, Chicago, Nashville, LA, St. Louis, Washington went through) next year by bringing up and plugging wholes with players such as Graychev, Sangs, Heikinen, Locke, Kredier, Bourque, Stepan? 

You never know when it comes to Sather, and unlike his counterpart GM Sutter, he didn't take that risk this time around.

P.S. So much for "quick,short analysis".

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