Moves I would Make at the Deadline

Since the freeze is about to be lifted figured I would put together a list of moves that I would make as if it means any of them would actually be made either by Sather or the presumed other party involved.  As I just indicated these moves are moves that I would make and are not based on any information or fully substantive rumors (some based on prior rumored names).  These moves for me while some of them would be painful to make because of attachments to certain players are ones that I think would make the franchise better long term, though I am sure many will disagree with it.  Others might disagree on the grounds that it simply is a series of moves that would mostly mean the end of a legit run at the playoffs this year and that is fine, but personally I am tired of the mediocrity of fighting for the 6-8 spot every year and showing no signs of being more of a legitimate contender to actually hoist the cup.  Now for the moves after the jump.

The most obvious move is one that we have talked about for a while and that is a deal with the Panthers for Nathan Horton.

Dubi (1.85), Girardi (1.55) for Horton (4), Leopold (1.75).

Yes, I am aware that I left Rozi out and it is only because I am trying to move him for something else and if I couldn't I would attempt to make florida take him in this deal.  The reasons for this deal have been discussed before and it is not about dumping Dubi as it seems too many (at least for my liking) Ranger fans seem ready to do.  It is about getting a player in Horton that I believe is better than Dubi and also signed reasonably for a number of years to come.

Second deal that has been talked about before would be sending Rozi (5) to Columbus for Kristian Huselius (4.75).

This gives us another scoring threat who basically has the same cap scenario as Rozi and Columbus gets the veteran d that they have been looking for.  I know people say that Huselius would end up in Torts doghouse cause of his lack of back check, but im not convinced Torts is going to be here all that long and when you are team that struggles as much as we do to score consistently a move like this which is a pure offensive upgrade cannot be turned down.  I mean if Huselius was that great all around they wouldn't take Rozi for him, lol.

Third deal would be Prospal (1.1) to Boston for their 1st and a 4th or Toronto's 2nd and Boston's 3 if they keep it if not Carolina's 4. 

I would love to pry a prospect like Jordan Caron away but don't see that happening.

Boston is desperate for some offensive production  and Vinny gives them that, leadership in the room, a playmaker and someone that can play in all situations at both wing and center.  We get great value both on the ice and for the future in our year with vinny.

Last deal which is somewhat new would be a move with Toronto that is based some off of a rumor of Kaberle to NY and Burke wanting Cally and a rumor from last year of Burke being willing to give up Kaberle the 7 pick and something minor for Dubi, Redden and Staal.  I don't want to give up Staal, so I am going to try and work around that and make a deal happen in a slightly different form.  We partially discussed this last night in the game thread, but here it is a little more flushed out.

NY gives: Cally (2.3), Gilroy (1.75), Redden (6.5), 2011 1st rounder or 2010 2nd rounder

Tor gives: Kaberle (4.25), Exelby (1.392), Kadri

To me as much as I would hate to see Cally go is a great deal for the Rangers if Burke would even consider doing it for a number of reasons.  The biggest for many will be the shedding of Redden's contract and I cant disagree there.  After that you get a top flight offensive d-man in Kaberle who can be a mentor of sorts to MDZ in his development at least the rest of the year and the offseason.  Kaberle also immediately becomes an immensely valuable trade chip to have for the draft, next year at the deadline or whenever as his skills and relatively low salary make him very valuable on the market.  Exelby though an impending UFA is the banger many Ranger fans have been clamoring for us having for many years. To be fair we have 2 or 3 in the pipeline (McDonagh, Klassen come immediately to mind) but they are at least a little bit away depending on which one.  Finally we get a guy in Nazem Kadri who many around here might not know all that well but was the 7th pick in last years draft and while many thought maybe his numbers were inflated last year because of talent around him like Tavares and MDZ he has 28G 51A in 50G this year for London.  Also in this scenario if we traded Prospal away we would definitely replace the 2nd rounder if it was this year or if we dealt Kaberle next year replace the 1st rounder we would be giving then.

It is tougher for me to come up with the rationale for why Burke does this but he does love Cally and was hot after Gilroy last summer in his attempt to start the rebuild in Toronto.  Getting the pick obviously helps and if management has told him he can take on bad deals and dump them in the minors it makes more sense because he isnt sacrificing cap space.  The least likely part of the deal is them including Kadri from my perspective, but maybe we could just take the pick out altogether if that happened.

These moves in many ways are a combination of "rebuilding" but also reloading in a different form.  Total Salary going out is 20.05 mil (2.65 in Prospal and Girardi was expiring).  Salary coming in is 16.142 (3.142 in Exelby and Leopold is expiring).  Meaning in net we basically add 5 mil to cap space next year.

As I said when I started any or none of these deals could actually happen and it is very unlikely that a series of these would all happen, but I personally think that any and or all of them as individual moves are still quality for the Rangers going forward.  Of all the moves I talked about the Toronto one is definitely the most "out there" one of them all.  It makes me slightly giddy though to think of a farm system that has offensive players like Grachev, Kadri, Werek, Stepan, Horak and possibly a Hall/Seguin/Nino in it to be added to Gabby, Horton, and AA.  I would bring back Olli if we could do a 2/7 maybe 2/8 or so type deal.  Ok, have at it.

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