The Roller Coaster of being a NYR fan.

 Sure all teams have there ups and downs, but I fell like the Rangers have a history of giving fans hope then taking it away, repeaditly. Just this season alone, has been enough to drive a fan crazy:


It all started well with Sather getting rid of Gomez made me dance with happiness. (BOOTYLICIOUS was the song of choice). Maybe Sather isnt such an idiot after all. 

+ Signing Gaborik made me cautiously optimistic (sure he is a great player but before NY, he could never stay healthy). Sather is probably still an idiot but may get lucky on this one.

- Not resigning Orr and signing Brashear ( an over the hill dirt bag who was just months removed from cheap shoting one of our heart and soul players).  Seriously? Is this a joke? O wait and your paying that caveman more than Orr? Sather is definetly still an idiot. I hate Sather more than before.

- Signing Kotalik for 3 million a year made me beyond angry. Originally it was announced as 1 mil a year for 3 years and I was ok with that, but 9 over 3? Old school no salary cap Sather is back, Optimism is gone.

- Not resigning Blair Betts, who was an amazing penalty killer and never took a night off. Expected but STUPID.

+ As for the season it with an amazing winning streak, could Sather actually be right? Are the moves going to pay off for once? 

- Holds breath...... Holds Breath...... NO.

+ Putting the Christensen Dubi Gaborik line together. Gave me hope, that Torts grew his brain back. A Top line with a Playmaker, Physical prescence with scoring upside, and a legit scoring star. Torts must of started playing NHL 04, I like the way he is thinking!!!!

- Breaking up the Christensen Dubi Gaborik line, after they showed to be the line with the most chemistry all year. What is this guy thinking, is Sather making a great coach dumber just by being around him?

+ Putting together the Avery Voros Boyle line the day after I wrote the article here on BLUESHIRTBANTER. Hey if you cant make good lines by yourself, seek help elsewhere. Excited because at least I will be able to see one line that excites me at Ranger games.

- Breaking up the Avery Voros Boyle line when they brought tremendous energy to the team. O great back to more games with no energy, no fights and no goal scoring.

-The team goes on a long losing streak, pisses me off. The Islanders are better then us, how the hell did that happen?

+ I see the bright side. TIME TO REBUILD!!!! Now even Sather has to see that making trades to bolster a playoff run makes no sense. HE CANT BE THAT STUPID. But it is Sather? But he is a human with eyesight right? And most humans with eye sight can see things? There is hope.

- HOPE IS GONE!!!! Trading for Jokinen (When its obvious we should be selling, not buying for a 1st round exit at best) and Prust (Dont we have enough guys that are tough and cant score?)

Now with talk of selling of our future for an absurdly priced selfish rental player. All I can do is:

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