Realistic 2010-2011 plans

Obviously every rangers fan out there is hoping that the front office is going to wise up and dump the waste of space (cap-space that is) R&R sisters in the minors.  But we must be realistic, and Sather placing those two on waivers is highly unlikely.  I think that we need to accept that they will be around next year and try to work around their cap killing contracts.  As currently constructed the blueshirts will have 12.85 million in cap space to work with this off-season with 13 players signed for next year: 4 d-men and 9 forwards... this is what I hope to happen:

1) Trade Girardi's rights: receive hopefully a 2nd round pick (I would take a 3rd though if there were no one would offer a 2nd)

2) Trade for Nathan Horton: I know it was reported that Florida would not trade him but I think that the major shake-up their GM reported is going to come this off-season since it didn't come at the deadline (or at least I hope so).  I would send Dubinsky, the 2nd from the Girardi trade and our 3rd for Horton and 5th.  Horton has a 4mil cap hit, 2.15 more than Dubs which would take our cap space down to 10.6 mill.

3) Re-sign Staal: I don't think anyone would have a problem with this hopefully a 4 yr 14 mill contract will get it done which would be a cap hit of 3.5 bringing our cap space to 7.1

4) Resign Prospal and EC: Prospal 1yr/2mil and EC 2yrs/2.5mil Cap space would be 3.25

5) Demote Voros and promote Grachev and Sanguientti: sending Voros down would save us 1 mil and promoting Grachev and Sangs would cost us around 1.75 mil leaving the cap at 2.5.

6) Re-sign prust: 1yr/.5 I like his spunk and at this price why not have a guy who likes to fight guys twice his size- cap space would be at 2mil

7) Hopefully we get a top 5 pick and are able to secure a solid forward in the draft

Our lines would then be:




Someone cheap*-Boyle-Prust

*(hopefully the someone cheap is replaced by our 1st rd pick and all the LW behind prospal can be pushed down a line to make room)

D-Pairing would be:

Staal-MDZ, Gilroy-Rozi, Sangs-Redden

This means we would have two million to spend our a back-up goalie and healthy scratches each night.  I know that it is not too much change but realistically Sather will most likely be here next year and that means not too much change will happen.  So have at it and let me know what you think...

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