First post just thought I'd throw a few thoughts out there

Well now that the rangers are out and I can finally not pout (I know awesome rhyme) i'll be looking at the off season and next year when we bring home the cup. So with the RFA's and some UFA agents needing resigning as well as signing some others there are certain moves that must be done. Also I'll discuss who needs to play better and I'd like to see

#1 is to get rid of Redden. When we first brought him in I thought it was great although the price was always atrocious. He has consistently shown that he is not worth a dime of the 6.5 million we pay him and is just an embarrassment for the New York Rangers. I could see him getting traded for Souray which is a trade I think benefits both teams in that Edmonton gets rid of a player they are having issues with and we get rid of the hated Redden. I do not see it happening straight up and think the Rangers would have to add something or someone. I think it should be either two lower draft picks or enver lisin who there is no point in resigning as Torts clearly does not like and rather put call ups in. Why Torts did not bench Redden instead of Gilroy I will never know. Although Gilroy's defense did struggle Redden's was far worse and you can't teach an old dog new tricks and Redden is one of those very very old dogs. Gilroy on the other hand showed really good potential and I think if he improves his defensive play which he defiantly will during this off season but I digress.

#2 RESIGN STAAL he has shown he is worth more than redden and rozsival combined and is only going to get better. I can't wait to see him in the future.Also I would like to see him get a little more offensive and maybe see powerplay time. He has shown his offensive potential alot this season and I think he could be a very good second powerplay unit defenseman.

#3 Although many people could argue not to I think resigning girardi would be a great move. He is a very solid defensive player who provides some offense but should defiantly not be looked upon for his offense. Getting Girardi back would allow Staal to not exhaust his pipes every game and Girardi is a player that could be trusted defensively.

#4 SHELLEY AND PRUST. These guys were awesome to watch especially when Anisimov was put with them. Obviously next season Anisimov will not be on the fourth line as he has to much talent and offense to play there. These two are great to watch and I really liked prust since the first game when I saw him fly from the offensive zone and cut across to nail someone trying to  bring the puck into the Rangers zone. I think they will need a center with good hands if they wish to be successful and that is why Boyle needs to go. In the first place I was not happy with losing Betts or Freddy Sjostrom (sorry if I butchered spelling of name) as they were great for us on the PK. I do not think Boyle fits in and I think he should be moved.

#5 Get a back up that can play. Alex Auld did his duty but I think we need someone a little better. A goalie from Atlanta I believe came to New York very recently though I do not remember his name I know of him and know he is capable of backing Lundqvist so I don't expect Auld to be back. Lundqvist is arguably the leading player (vs. Gaborik) but IMO he is the player to lead us.

#6 This will cover all of the AHL players that I'd like to see as well as P.A. I think it's time we brought Grachev up after a semi-disappointing season. Now some might argue he is not but then time (The camp) will only tell but I'd really like to see him playing for the rangers next season. I think sanguinetti needs to be given a chance as well. His numbers have been great and despite being injured this season I think he would be great to have at the blueline. As for P.A I cannot tell whether or not I like him although towards the end of the season his Points per game were good and he showed potential I am not sure how I feel about him. I would defiantly resign him though. Potter to as he shows he could be a reliable call up and dane byers who I thought would be out tough guy next season and showed he could also be a call up (this was before we got Shelley regarding the tough guy statement). 

#7 would be to resign prospal. Our number two in points prospal proved torts wrong and showed he can still play. Towards the end of the season his play did go down which is why I defiantly think we need to have extra players (not call ups) ready to replace prospal incase he needs a game off. That is more of a general statement though as an extra defenseman and offenseman are needed as healthy scratches. I would consider resigning Erikkson to be that seventh man. He makes hard passes and played good defense for us (plus incase a player needs a rest it would be nice to be able to give it to him and not worry too much).

#8 Resign Christensen. What he did for us proves hes NHL worthy and I'd really like to see him next year possibly as a fourth line center but I feel he plays better when he's with better players so third line.

#9 Dub. This is one player I can't figure out. Yes he once again broke his previous record in points and had his first twenty goal season (in only 69 games a low since being a consistent ranger) however it is beginning to be more and more evident that he is nothing more than a second line player at best. I really liked him at the wing and would like that to be his permanent position as he seemed much more effective at that position.

#10 We need a number one center. This was said at the beginning of the season and after witnessing every player that has ever taken a faceoff try to center Gaborik it has become clear our team needs to go out of the organization to find him. Plekanec would be an answer but I do not see him coming to the Big Apple. Anisimov has great hands and would be the perfect playmaking center for him but that might put too much pressure on the young one in only his second real season and he does not contribute when under pressure.

#11 would be to get Rozsival to contribute more. The beginning of the season was a disaster for him and the chants from the crowd just got louder and louder. I thought Rozi would break down but instead he picked up his game to a level I have not seen in the last two seasons. He should continue to play as well as he did and I hope even better. I think this offseason is huge for him and he must get mentally ready as he gets rid of the Jagr offense he previously drilled into his mind and realize that he has a shot that is just as deadly as any other older defenseman. He could really help us on both sides of the ice and I really hope he shows us what he is capable of.

#12 This is a small one regarding Lisin. Obviously Torts does not want to use him so there is no point in resigning him but he has talent and I think we should try and trade him but I haven't heard anything regarding him which I'm a little confused about

So I think I covered everything I wanted to and just wanna say thanks to the banter for creating this awesome site I check it everyday and its great to read the posts you guys put up and how we could write our own.

P.S. hope you enjoyed the post and please comment your thoughts about mine as I'm really curious as to how others think I did



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