here goes nothing

To begin this I need to state that everything I tried to do is completely dependent on the demotion of Redden.  This is at best unlikely so I will say that this is a bit of a fantasy situation (I also sent Voros to Hartford for cap purposes).  That being said, here is what I would like to see happen.


  1. Marc Staal: 3.500 mil per--> 10 yrs/35 million (not sure is this would get it done but I would really like to see Sather sign Staal to a lifetime type deal)
  2. Dan Girardi: 2.250 mil per--> 4yrs/9 million
  3. Ilka Heikenen: 1.000 mil per-->1yr/1 million
  4. Alex Auld: 1.000 mil per--> 1yr/1 million
  5. Erik Christiansen: .900 mil per--> 3yrs/2.7 million
  6. Brandon Prust: .750 mil per--> 3 yrs/2.25 million
  7. Jody Shelly: .750 mil per--> 1yr/.750 million
  8. Corey Potter: .750 per--> 1yr/.750million


  1. Michael Rozsival
  2. Matt Gilroy
  3. Ryan Borque
  4. 1st Round pick 2011


  1. Brad Richards
  2. James Neal
  3. 3rd Round pick 2010 or 2011


Saves 1.1 million on Richards salary plus whatever it would take to sign Neal.  Also receives top 4 defenseman in Rozsival (he would be in their division), a young skilled defenseman in Gilroy, and an up and coming scorer in Borque, all while gaining a 1st rd pick for next year.

New York:

Recieves #1 center in Richards to work with Gaborik who will not cripple us financially in the future because only 1 yr remains on his contract.  If combo works well we can resign Richards at the right price and if not use his expiring deal to sign Dubinsky and Callahan to long term deals.  James Neal also provides a promising you top-6 forward.

Free Agent Signings:

  1. Anton Volchenkov: 4.000 mil per--> 5yrs/ 20 million
  2. James Neal: 3.000 mil--> 4yrs/12 million

Trade Sanguinetti and our 2010 1st to move up to top 7 picks and draft Nino Niederterr.  I really am not sure what it would take to move up to a pick that would ensure us getting Nino but I would really love to see Sather be aggressive and make that move. 


            Following this path would allow the Rangers to be extremely competitive this season while also retaining our most promising prospects.  Kreider, Stepen, Grachev, Werek and McDonaugh would all remain within our system.  Our defensive prospects do take a hit with departure of Gilroy and Sanguinetti, but in all honesty these two most likely did not have strong futures within the Rangers organization and at least we get solid value for them.  Trading up for Nino puts another possible top-6 forward into our system giving some relief for an otherwise miserable season. 

The trade with Dallas is the most controversial part here.  I am sure I will take a lot a crap for wanting to add Richards.  When analyzed however the deal makes sense on both sides. Dallas is a cash strapped organization who will get two top-4 defensemen, a promising young playmaker and 1st rd pick all while saving around 5 million dollars.  If their season started off poorly Richards would become the Kovalchuk of next years deadline and Dallas wouldn't get as much then as they are here.  While the rangers will get a #1 center that many have been craving who will not cripple us financially in the future as his contract is up after one season.  If he clicks and has some magic with Gaborik and lifts Dubinsky to new levels on the wing, excellent, re-sign him at a price we can work with.  If not, let him walk and use that cap space to sign Dubinsky and Callahan to long term deals while keeping cap space for future years.  Neal would be yet another promising top-6 forward that could fit in nicely in the future.

Signing Volchenkov is something I added because of the clamoring for the large crease clearing defensemen.  I think that the 4mil a yr that I allotted him could be spent in a wiser manner but I certainly wouldn't be unhappy with his signing.  Volchenkov, Staal, MDZ and Girardi would anchor our defense for years to come, Potter and Heikenen are low risk high reward players this season and McDonaugh will take his spot and become a top-4 defenseman hopefully in a year or two. 

We come in just about .500 mil under the cap in this situation with 21 players on the roster.  Our farm system is still stocked, although admittedly much thinner at the blueline in prospects.  Our future financial state would look much brighter with Richards 7.8 mil cap hit coming off at the end of next season.

Projected Lines:





Brian Boyle as a healthy scratch.



Volchenkov-MDZ (maybe volchenkov could teach mdz something about positioning on the d end)


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