It's Kovy Baby!

I'm usually against big signings for long term but my kind of signing might be worth it.

First question: How much does he cost?

Rumblings about him wanting more than 10 million per have put off a whole lot of teams. Us probably the same deal, not worth it. BUT what if we give him 9 million for one year. Do you think he takes it? Probably and here's why. Playing on a big stage in MSG, with another premier player in Gabby, in front of a top goalie with budding young stars around him. Just add the fact that Torts runs his kind of style and will have his points spike playing with Gaborik.

Kovalchuk wearing the blue and playing opposite Gaboriks wing could be deadly. The more I think about it every great team has two great SKATERS. Crosby - Malkin / Ovechkin - Backstrom / Toews - Kane / Heatley - Marleau etc.





We unfortunately have one. Gaborik. The production of a tandem like Kovy and Gab would definitely eclipse the 100 point mark for each player at the end of the season.

The second question is Who centers them?

Everyone mentioned above is either a center or apart of a line with a great center.

Well, we could look at our options.

(Join mwah after the jump.)

Brandon Dubinsky - Has already a touch of chemistry with Gabby and is not afraid of the pressure just check these past international games. He was touted the best Forward for USA. Add the fact that he has played with Jagr and loves the challenge, it might not be a bad fit.

Artem Anisimov - Looked better this year. Still to many kinks in his game but playing with these guys might be just what the doctor ordered to break out. Although, this isn't an experiment if we choose to go in this direction with Kovy we need instant success.

Vinny Prospal - Now he would be the ideal guy to center this line considering his skill and chemistry with Gaborik. I really like the way Vinny plays when he has space and this line could give him plenty of it. His contract would be the issue here as well. But he would be the main option considering the money and coaching aspect of it.

Eric Christensen - Ugh. I like his game but there is something missing in his game that I can't put my finger on. He plays enigmatically, not exactly physical, so-so on faceoffs, pretty good in shoot outs. Ehh, despite what he showed us this year not first line center material. 

Chris Drury - Seems like he has lost a couple of steps. He is still capable of putting up 55 to 60 points, if utilized the right way. I just don't see how he would fit in with K & G at the helm. He's not the fast by any means but at any rate he should be given a shot at least.

Brian Boyle - ...yeah...right.

UFA's - Marleau and Plakenac ...probably to pricey after this acquisition.

The third  and last question is where do we get the cap space?

Four historic words settle that problem: Wade Redden sent down.

If he does get moved (please) which most of us are hoping. We have 17.5 mill in cap space. Wooohoo.

With 9 million deducted that leaves us, 8.5 to play with. With 4 million going to Staal for a 5 year deal, IMO.

We have 2 million to give to Prospal.

800K goes to Shelley.

700K goes to Prust.

Send Voros down.

Give Girardi the same 1.5 million deal he had before.

Sign a goalie capable of being a good backup for 20 games.

Start the season the right way. What do ya guys think? Good? Bad? Not Worth it? Too much money? Not enough money? Not realistic? Love Wade Redden to much to let go? Have at it...

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