2010 - 2011 is done before it started, Lets look at 2011 - 2012!


 Okay so barring the Mayans being right and the world actually does end in 2012 then I just wasted 45 minutes of time writing this up but I will take my chances. Now, I know you all will believe I am getting a little ahead of myself here but lets look at the 2011-2012 season, before looking at this upcoming season. IMO, We COULD be set.


Lets say Drury has one more unproductive season(POINTS GUYS not LITTLE THINGS), whats our chances he pulls a Markus Naslund and retires before his last year? It could happen, he is a man of honor.

Lets say that Rozy plays through another season and is more productive(hold the laughter) then he becomes an actual chip to trade with one year left on his contract, it's more likely to happen 2011-2012 when his contract doesn't scare as many GM's.

Let us say that Redden has another crappy season, (how hard can that be) and finally Messier (ooohhh, I forgot to mention Sathers gone...yay) puts him Hartford. This will work, because Dolan will not dare piss off the Ranger faithful by threatening Messier's Job.

Now lets get to the non-dreamy portion of my piece...

Offseason before the season starts

Callahan RFA - he gets what he deserves. Callahan becomes captain as well.

Dubinksy RFA - Ditto. Dubinsky gets an "A".

Gilroy RFA - Hopefully, he gets better but at 26 years old that's asking a lot. Re-sign if needed

Anisimov RFA - His head will be in outerspace the way he keeps his head down so, we will see how this project goes but I say if his heads on his shoulders, Re-sign IF need be.

Sanguinetti RFA - should have played a year with us, and we'll gauge this project too.

 Chris Kreider - I would assume be coming up right about this time to show what hes got in minicamp.

Derek Stepan - I would guess he would be in mini camp as well.

Grachev - should be ready to come up and contribute by now.


1st Line - Mats Zucarello - Free Agent!!!(Plekanec?) - Marian Gaborik

2nd Line - Evgeny Grachev - Brandon Dubinsky - Free Agent!!(Sharp?)

3rd Line - Chris Kreider - Anisimov/Stepan - Ryan Callahan

4th Line - Sean Avery - Chris Drury(maybe:) - Jody Shelley?


1st Pair - Marc Staal - Dan Girardi

2nd Pair - Michael Del Zotto - Rozsival?

3rd Pair - Bobby Sangs - Ryan McDonaugh

Goaltender - Henrik Lundvquist

General Consensus

-We are so much younger

-I didn't include a possible awesome draft pick but I will not hold my breath

-We will have some serious cap space considering our rookies play and our GM does something about R&R by this time.

All in all we could be looking really good by this time, and I chose to skip this upcoming year because Redden will be on the team, I doubt Sather will hand over his crown this year. I think these two go hand in hand because he will not admit a mistake. Also, Rozy will not be moved in the next couple of months because which GM is stupid enough to take that deal? (Don't tell me Montreals GM because they are in the playoffs right now tearing it up with the team he put together.) Drury will probably play out his contract, that's almost a no-brainer. But my main point is that it is so much more possible for us to get better next off-season rather than this one because of our dynamite prospects and unsung budding  leadership from Staal, Cally and Dubinsky. Will the real New York Rangers please stand up?!

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