Marian, Shelley and...Whitney? No, this isn't a teen MTV reality show, it's a Cup Contender!

Well, I am not a fan of having the best role players on my team donning chicks names on the back of their jerseys, I have to say I would gladly go against those beliefs and add a new one in Ray Whitney. Now before we say "who was the last Ranger that was 38 years of age and contributed...?" Well then I would answer and say Markus Naslund. No, i'm not joking by him retiring he contributed a bunch to our near playoff Cinderella run...I digress. The Canes are not going to resign him, as the GM already declared so. Now look at three facts of a 38 year old left winger before we become skeptical:

His last 7 seasons have been more productive than (a normal players prime) his first 7 years in the league.

He shows up in every playoff series he's ever been in. 43 points in 65 games. His last 3 playoff series 30 points in 40 games.


This was on Pierre's blog on espn... "Whitney's point production over the five seasons since the lockout (334 points) is better than the likes of Shane Doan, Rick Nash, Mike Ribeiro, Mike Cammalleri, Thomas Vanek, Teemu Selanne, Jason Arnott, Danny Briere and Patrik Elias..." - Pierre LeBrun

Amazing I know!

Join me after the jump

Bottom Line is that his production would be vital to our Top line with Gaborik and another UFA center.

A #13 with heart (sorry Z)




Another plus to getting a guy like him is the bargain we get due to his age. Somewhere in the 3-3.5 million per  year. Apparently he's looking for 2 years so...that's a real negative aspect to signing him, not to mention his 35+ contract.

Another negative is that Madison Square Garden has become former all-stars version of Florida and have come here to watch their production die with their increase in age, I just doubt this will happen to him for some reason call me crazy.

Our left wingers Avery, Dubinsky, and Prospal are all former centers save Prust who will not be playing with Gabby if he's resigned, whereas Whitney a PURE left winger has been effective with Staal and Brinda'mour for years on the left flank.

So, what do you guys think? Too Old? Good consistant scorer? Way Too Old? Good fit for Gabby? Borderline ancient? Good missing leadership piece? Chelios-esqe? HA! Have at it.

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