Comments from Prospect Camp Opening Morning.

viously when camps like these come along, especially being the first real contact since the end of the year a lot is said and most of it is garbage, but also behind some comments we can get a feel for what might go on this fall.  Logistically many of the top prospects are there, McIlrath will be there tomorrow; MZA not coming til training camp


A lot of talk about Ryan this summer as to whether he is going to turn pro or go back for his Senior year at Wisconin.  Reports from this morning have going through the entire prospect camp and then making a decision about signing or going back afterwards. 

McDonagh: "Physically, I'm right there, I feel like I'm ready for the next level." But he wants to meet people in organization.

McDonagh: Del Zotto and Gilroy making team last year is "enticing." But so is earning degree and being captain at Wisconsin.

Both tweets courtesy of Andrew Gross

As I said during the draft discussion I think that McDonagh truly planned on going back to Wisconsin following the year to try and bring home the title, graduate and be the captain of that club.  I still think all of those things are true in what is keeping him from officially deciding to come out.  That said, I believe he will see with the huge losses the program suffered in seniors graduating and key players leaving early, along with the fact that Stepan apparently is coming, Ryan will eventually decide to sign this year.


The man who was the talk of the summer last year in terms of prospects, almost made the team and then had his share of struggles in Hartford.

Evgeny Grachev says he was much more prepared for Tortorella's conditioning skates at #NYRangers prospect camp this time around.

#NYRangers prospect Evgeny Grachev says he wants to get better in his own zone, with his forechecking and in seeing the puck.

credit again to Andrew Gross

Each time I have listened to an interview with Grachev I feel more and more confident about how he will turn out because he has an awareness of his weaknesses.  That is not to say it is guaranteed he will fix them, but as they say admitting the problem is the first step to fixing it.  Apparently if hockey fails Grachev has a future as an interpreter since he was one for AA last year and Mikhail Pashnin this year at camp.  Overall I dont see EG making the club this fall, or should I say I dont think he should be pushed to make the club this fall.


A lot of the same stuff we always here from Torts about how we need to get younger (but then he benches young guys for vets), how we need to be stronger up the middle, also still harping on backup goalie as if he actually will play Hank less than 70 times.  He also talked about how he wants AA in NY more, which AA will be back early next month after the hand injury, and how AA has to learn English.

Most interesting comment

Torts: There will be spots for young players, anxious to see Grachev again, more of McDonagh, Stepan, Weise, Zuccarello Aasen

As I said above I dont think pushing EG this fall is the right move nor do I think Stepan is ready for the jump straight, but who knows what the offseason has done for these guys.  McDonagh if he comes I expect to be ready to make the club, MZA no matter what probably starts the season up even if he has to go down later and Weise is an interesting case that really Sather will determine by which players he overpays at the end of the week.

Player not talked about in the tweets this morning that I am intrigued to hear about this week is Werek.  In the interview he did with Jim and Eddie and all that Jess has to say about him I would not discount the idea that he could get himself ready to push for or even win a roster spot this fall.

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