Super + Pest = Sean Avery



    [pes-ter]  Show IPA –verb (used with object) 1. to bother persistently with petty annoyances; trouble: Don'tpester me with your trivial problems. 2. Obsolete . to overcrowd.



    [soo-per]  Show IPA –noun 1. Informal . a. a superintendent, esp. of an apartment house. b. supermarket. c. supernumerary. d. supervisor. 2. an article of a superior quality, grade, size, etc. 3. (in beekeeping) the portion of a hive in which honey isstored. 4. Printing . supercalendered paper. 5. Television . an additional image superimposed on theoriginal video image: A super of the guest's name is includedunder the picture when the guest is introduced.


Two Words, Pester and Super...  When you bother someone persistently with petty annoyances AND do it with superior quality, you have a Super-Pest.... in other words, you have one of the most comical and amusing players in the NHL ... None other than, Sean Avery!  Join me after the jump



There is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that Sean Avery IS in fact a Super-Pest. He is capable of throwing the calmest of players off their game. He talks dirty, he hits dirty, he dives dirty, and he even gets the occasional dirty goal. He is one of the most valuable players on the Rangers and is often forgotten at times. 

When Tom Renney was coaching the Rangers, Seany Boy was MUCH more noticed... Tom kept him on a long leash, he let Sean be SEAN. Torts on the other hand has Avery's collar on so tight that he's shitting blood. THIS cannot happen the remainder of Sean's Contract.  Avery can be one of the most VALUABLE assets on the Rangers when he is playing his game.  Forgot all the times Joe and Sam showed the "Rangers Games won with Sean vs Games lost without Sean". Lets Focus on the things that Sean IS and IS NOT capable of.


Sean's Positives - Sean's style of play and level of talent will allow sean to be a 20 goal a season scorer at the absolute most. He has a quick release which is not the most accurate shot in the game, but is effective. His hands are so-so, his passing is so-so and his level of play is so-so. He isn't the fastest, or the "smartest" hockey sense wise; But he is effective and for the most part, can compete. For his size he does know how to throw his body around, and he also knows how to use it to his advantage (dives, etc). Sean DOES care and DOES like to win, he has an edginess to his game that cannot be taught, its either something a player has or doesn't have. And last but most certainly not least, Sean is entertaining. He knows how to work the New York Crowd and has been a fan favorite since his arrival in Manhattan. 


Sean's Negatives - Sean has a short fuse, get under his skin the way he gets under yours and he's fast to react (often illegally and often resulting in penalties). Sean can get easily frustrated and after a few games not getting any points he tends to lose confidence in himself and it shows out on the ice. Sean has a bad attitude at times towards his teammates and with the rangers management/coaching/staff and that often results in being benched and or sent down to the AHL. He is making more money then he should and needs to be more consistent with his style of play.


What to expect from sean in the 2010-11 Season. - I HAVE NO IDEA, honestly this really all depends on what Torts decides to do with Sean. IF john lets sean play "his way" it could have very positive results for the Rangers Organization, however just it could equally have a negative effect. Sean Avery is like flipping a coin, it really ends up 50/50 with no clue if your getting heads or tails. 


Only time will tell what happens with the SuperPest. It will be an interesting year for Sean and also a make or break year for him. He is almost done with his contract and might be done with his time in New York forever for that matter. What do you guys think Torts should do with Sean? What should be his rewards and punishments? Is this the year Sean gets 50 points, 120PIM and is +15? Or is this the year Sean gets 32 points, 90PIM and is -15? 


One thing we all know is he will be entertaining, the rest is a coinflip




-Ryan Nicholas Howe

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