Sather's Insights on NYR Prospects

Just came across a new update to the NYRangers official page (Rangers future brighter then ever).

The update includes a couple of new quotes from Sather regarding a few of our prospects on the way up, how he felt they performed at the recent camp, and the overall direction of the team at this time.

Quotes after the jump...

I'll just break them down as they go, definitely go read the whole story as there's a fair amount of info there.

“Our goal has always been to try and develop our own players to build a core group of players that are going to grow up together,” said team President and General Manager Glen Sather. “It takes time to develop players, and it takes time for them to develop into National Hockey League players. But there are some kids that are really starting to come in the right direction now.”

Here's what sounds like some good news regarding Stepan, it seems like many here were correct in assuming he'd most likely start in Hartford (or wherever our AHL team will be) and possibly come up during the season.

"Stepan was terrific during (prospects) camp,” said Sather. “Whether he makes the team at the start of the year, we’ll see. It won’t be easy for him. It might take him some time to develop in the minors, but he’ll get good schooling if he’s down there, and a real opportunity. I’m sure we’ll see him in New York this season at some point.”

Here's his thoughts on Grachev, again it seems many were correct in assuming they want to work on Grachev/Stepan chemistry and it seems like they managed to click right off the bat at camp, which is good news for their chances of coming up this year. Sather does seem to leave the door open for Grachev here.

"Grachev, in that one scrimmage he played with Stepan, scored four goals, and he was a big goal scorer in junior,” said Sather. “He’s a big kid and he’s been training hard all summer. He’s got a legitimate shot at making this hockey club.”

Sather reveals they were trying to sign Kreider this year, along with passing the feeling that he believes Kreider, physically, may be ready for the league.

“Kreider has gotten stronger, and he’s certainly a man already,” Sather said of the 19-year-old, who has bulked up to 217 pounds. “We tried to get him to sign this year, but he wanted to go back for another year of college. He’s almost 220 pounds and still as fast as anyone I have seen in the game.”

He goes on to talk a bit about McIlrath their most recent 1st rounder as well as comparing Pashnin to Kasparitis, he goes on to say Pashnin has a real enthusiasm and energy for the game which is, in my mind, a necessity when making the jump. They do say he will be playing out his contract in the KHL but that the Rangers are definitely hoping to land him and have him play a significant role in the future.

Well that's it for my first FanPost, maybe now we'll have something to talk about instead of playing GM, at least for a short while.

Thanks for reading!

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