Stat projections for 2010-2011

On a slow news day i thought it might be interesting to discuss our expectations for various players next year.  Trying to remain reasonable but also optimistic, here is what i would like to see next yr

Forwards (Done is descending order):

  • Gaborik: 40-45-85 A repeat performance of last yr is all i can ask for
  • Dubinsky: 25-25-50 this needs to the year where he becomes a legit scoring threat
  • Prospal: 20-30-50 again a repeat of last yr would be fantastic- it may be a bit unrealistic based on his history of on-off years but not a pipe dream
  • Callahan: 25-20-45 I just dont think cally has it in him to be a 50 pt guy in this league as much as a i love him
  • Christiensen: 15-25-40 Finally in a situation where he feels comfertable, playing a full year, and having gaborik on his wing gets him his first 40 pt yr of his career
  • Drury: 15-25-40 I think last years performance is all we will see from dru over the last 2 yrs here
  • Anisimov: 15-25-40 Hoping that a jump in his minutes will push him through a sophmore slump.  He has the skills and I hope we see him imporve from last year.
  • Avery: 10-20-30 Same as always
  • Zucarella-Aason: 10-20-30 I really have no idea but this would be nice
  • Prust: 10-15-25 Big year for him to show people he's more than just a fighter
  • Stepan: 5-15-20 Assuming he plays around 60 games with the big club this yr (long shot i know)
  • Boogard: 0-2-2 That is being very optimistic


  • Del Zotto: 10-35-45 He has the talent, lets hope he stays healthy and gets there
  • Staal: 8-25-33 We know he has limitations on offense but I think 30 pts a season is within his reach
  • Girardi: 5-15-20 Girardi shots have been dropping for a while and I dont expect too much out of him on offense
  • Rosival: 5-15-20 Rosi wasn't terrible but wasn't great. I hope seeing Redden getting dumps gives him motivation to start working again
  • Gilroy: 8-15-23 He has the ablility, he and Torts just need to learn how to communicate better
  • McDonagh 4-15-19 Again hoping he gets around 60 games with the big club

Nothing here is going to far out on a limb.  If my math is correct here we have 227 goals with a spot for a top 6 LW.  If they filled it with someone like Frolov we could likely push the total to 250 or above.  Not great but not terrible.  Gimme your thought on my predicitions and who we could add to make this lineup more offensively potent.

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