Fischler dangles bait at Tortorella

Well - not really - just an attempt at an eye-catching headline.



In a 2-part blog entry, Stan Fischler talks with Coach John Tortorella.

Part 1: Offense, Biron, and 'Young Core'

Part 2: Redden, Defense, Boogaard

Some prime quotes:

"Marty is a good back-up goalie," said Tortorella. "I'd like to see him play between seventeen and twenty games next season. He's solid and I expect him to win games.

"I'm anxious to see Frolov in offensive positions," Torts went on. "He'll start with Gabby and we'll see how they work together. Frolov can score; he's a talented guy."

(Speaking of Dubinsky) "He's best on the wing," said the coach. "I liked the way he came on in the last months of the season and I hope he keeps improving. Another core guy is Ryan Callahan. He brings a lot of intangibles -- killing penalties, blocking shots -- and I hope he can score more this year."

More after the jump:

He was apparently a bit frustrated (as were many of us who follow the team) - with the "Jekyll-and-Hyde" efforts of a couple of players - he specifically mentions Christensen and Avery. A consistent theme seems to be developing -

Clearly, John Tortorella will play no favorites and some well-known Rangers will have their careers on the line as early as training camp.

Torts again repeats the words about Wade Redden:

I also told him that if he expects to be in the top six of the defensemen, he's got to beat out people.


Still, last season he did not play well enough and I still kept him in there. I tried to play him out of it, but he didn't respond and he knows it. I don't want to hear that he didn't get the opportunity. He's like some other vets; he's got to earn his position. The ball is in Wade's court. He's got to make the club.

Interesting tidbit about Matt Gilroy - and I commented on some of the photos that showed him at the Rangers' Youth Camp a couple weeks ago - he looks to have put on quite a bit of upper body muscle and definition -

He and I had a conversation at the end of the season and he knows we want him in the lineup."

According to the coach, the North Bellmore, Long Island native has "gotten bigger and stronger the right way," and even was involved with some combat-type training situations as part of offseason preparation.


So we seem to have a consistent message. Many would say that seemed to be the case last year. The true test will come in the dreary days of December and January - will he stay "on message"? Will he, the coaching staff, and the front office truly hold all the players accountable? Will he give the "young core" the growth opportunities they seem to deserve - and that they probably need - in order to develop into the NHL players they seem capable of becoming?

Stay tuned. September isn't that far away - in 5 to 6 weeks we'll start to get some indications of what this 2010-2011 New York Rangers team is going to look like - and maybe what they're capable of doing.

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