NYReview -- August


Marty Turco -- Chicago Blackhawks:  This spells out the end out Niemi's term.  The much expected signing of Turco finally took place after Niemi was awarded too much for the Hawks to fit under cap.

Teemu Selanne -- Anaheim Ducks: Teemu just isn't ready to settle down, and with the way he's playing, he doesn't really need to either.

Mike Modano -- Detroit Red Wings:
One wouldn't expect Modano to leave the team of his career, but it's only fitting that he go to the team of his childhood.

Tim Kennedy -- New York Rangers: Ehhh, why?  A team can only harbor so much 3rd-4th line talent. 


Todd White -- New York Rangers:
  We didn't need another veteran, and we didn't need another center.  So why make this trade? Well, for one, we're getting rid of globally unwanted Brashear and Mr. "Who is that sitting in Sather's chair?" Patrick Rissimiller.  

Projected Roster

Starters and Bench:

Henrik Lundqvist -- Our only consistently great player over the past 4 years.  He's a no brainer

Marian Gaborik -- Are 42 goals enough justification for Gabby's spot? 

Alexander Frolov -- He was brought he to boost our offense, so you can be sure he'll have an NHL spot. Whether it's on the 1st or 2nd line we'll soon find out.

Ryan Callahan -- An absolute workhorse like Cally isn't going to be overlooked. 

Brandon Dubinsky -- Enigmatic as he may be, Dubinsky will get his spot.

Artem Anisimov -- He progressed a fair amount this past year; we should be able to determine his ceiling this season. 

Vinny Prospal -- One of the few veteran scorers we have.

Chris Drury -- The man sporting the C will surely return.  Hopefully he'll bring 50 points along with him. 

Brandon Prust -- He's played well so far, so the staff will give him another shot. 

Todd White -- I figure that he'll get at minimum 10 minutes a game after his very solid season last year. We're a bit overstocked on centers though, so things may change.  

Erik Christensen -- EC will most likely make the team as a 3rd center, or possibly on the 1st line next to Gabby. 

Derek Boogaard -- He could end up being a scratch for most of the year, but he'll start in the NHL

Michael Del Zotto -- Though he is AHL eligible this year, he'd be better suited quarterbacking the powerplay and getting quality NHL minutes.

Dan Girardi -- One of the two guys we can rely on defensively.

Marc Staal -- The other of the two guys we can count of defensively, as well as our star defenseman.

Michael Rozsvial -- Our defense would look too young without him.  Hopefully he can maintain decent form

Martin Biron -- Torts said so himself, he'll figure to get between 17-20 games.

Steve Eminger -- He can become a reliable asset on our team. He should start next year

On the Bubble:

Brian Boyle -- Largely (no pun) unimpressive in his 75 games here.  He could either be benched or AHLed, but he's not likely to start

Ryan McDonagh -- I'd expect him to be a starter next year, but if he can't keep up with the pace, he could be shipped to Hartford

Sean Avery -- Sean Avery may return to his old form and be an effective agitator, or he may not.  If he doesn't, I can see him getting waived or benched.

Tim Kennedy -- I've never seen him play, but stats indicate that he is a 3rd or 4th line player. We have enough of those for him to be a healthy scratch.

Matt Gilroy -- Though he had difficulties in his rookie year, there is still a large chance that he comes back and play well.
Mats Zucarelilipadnorwayhobbit Aasen -- I have a very strong feeling that he will be an NHLer throughout the year.  The SEL is no children's league, so being named the MVP of it in one's sophomore season is a large accomplishment.  However, there are many here who believe that he may start in the AHL.  They have reason too: he's 5'7-5'9 (varies depending on source), not particularly bulky, and not yet adjusted the the North American game.

Miracles Happen:

Evgeny Grachev -- We already have a surplus of LWs and Centers, so there isn't any space for him.  Unless he has an unbelievable preason (and I dont BELIEVE he will) , he'll be in the AHL.  I can see him as a midseason/playoff call up at best.

Derek Stepan -- Just like Grachev, it would take a huge preseason to get him on the first team. He would surely benefit from spending time in the minors. 

Chad Johnson -- He'll spend this season as the AHL starter, but if Biron doesn't work out, he'll get the nod. 

Wade Redden -- It's very likely that he'll be moved down to the AHL along with his 6.5 mil cap hit.  However, it is still possible that he returns donning a blueshirt. (PLEASE GOD NO)

September is here, and I'm sure we Ranger fans are all quite disappointed by the Staal's lack of a contract.  If camp starts and he's not there, I'd start worrying.  It seems as if no progress is being made anywhere: no offer sheets have been proposed, and no contract has been agreed on.  After striking out with Hjarlmarsson, the Sharks are rumored to be interested.  However, they'd have to offer in excess of 6 mil to sign him, which I don't see happening. But while we are here, let's talk about possible offensive lineups.  We don't have many options on defense, so we won't discuss them.

Possible Lines:

1st lines        Frolov -- Prospal -- Gabby                   Dubs -- Prospal -- Gabby               Frolov -- AA -- Gabby

2nd lines :         Dubs -- AA -- MZA                              Frolov -- AA -- MZA                     Dubs -- Prospal -- Cally

3rd lines:        Avery -- Drury -- Cally                         Avery -- White -- Cally                   Avery -- Drury -- MZA

4th lines:       Prust -- EC -- Boogaard                     Prust -- Drury -- Boogaard            Prust -- White -- Boogaard

I think these are all possible starting 12s.  I'm not sure about Tort's' willingness to play Prospal at center; from what I saw, he was fine, but I guess there's a problem.

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