Dubi: Our Mike Richards?

The best way to evaluate your own player is to compare that player to a similar player on another team.  I looked at Mike Richards' stats year by year and compared them to the stats that Dubi has been compiling so far.  There are some similarities.  Here are the first 4 years for Richards:    

                       GP     G     A     PTS     +/-

2005-06           79     11   23      34       6

2006-07           59     10   22      32    -12

2007-08           73     28   47      75     14

2008-09           79     30   50      80     22

Here are Dubi's first 4 years:

                        GP     G     A     PTS     +/-

2007-08            82     14   26     40        8

2008-09            82    13   28      41       -6

2009-10            69     20   24     44        9

2010-11 (est)    82    30   38      68        1

Obviously Richards has the better stats side by side.  But here's what is interesting.  If you look at Richards' 5th year (2009-10) there was actually a drop-off of his points:  82 GP, 31G, 31A, 62 PTS, and -2 +/-.  Was it because the Flyers are a good team and the scoring is more balanced?  Is it because players sometimes have early success, other teams focus on them, and the player cannot adjust?  There are a plethora of reasons.  But here's the question:  Would you want Richards on the Rangers?  Answer:  Hell yeah!!

Well Ranger fans, I think you do.  Here are the complete stats to date for this year (2010-11):

                                            GP     G     A     PTS     +/-     PIM     HITS     BLKS     GWG     SOG

Richards                              41     13    24      37       9        37        58          38             2          98

Dubinsky                              43     16    20     36        1        52        64          15             1        110

The bottom line is Dubi is a year younger and his progression is on the upswing.  I also believe that Dubi will get better especially at goal scoring as time goes on.  Dubi needs to be more selfish and understand that he is one of the main scorers of the team.  Once Dubi gets a "goal-scorer's mentality" then we will have a very good and consistent player for years to come.  So would the Flyers package Mike Richards for Brad Richards?  No way.  And neither should the Rangers with Dubi (just saying).  BTW, I have always been a huge Dubi fan and I feel vindicated after listening to the (well-deserved) criticism he has taken before the start of this season.  (Sorry for the content of the stats as far as lining them up was concerned).

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