Top 20 players in the league

These lists are incredibly hard to make, but also extremely fun. It's always interesting to see everbody's opinions and it brings up good conversations. Me and my brother spend countless hours talking about stuff like this. Example. We talked for about 3 hours one night about wether or not Jonathan Toews was a top 5 center in the league. I say yes. Anyway, here is my top 20 players in the league. Enjoy!!

20) Marian Gaborik- Easily one of the most dangerous players in the game when he has time and space. He has ridiculous speed and with a great playmaker in Richards and even Stepan, I can see him scoring 45 this year.

19) Drew Doughty- He has played 4 NHL seasons and he's only 21!! He is a very good defender and puts up some impressive numbers with 100 points in his last 162 games while posting a +32 in that span.

18) Rick Nash- Imagine if he ever played with a legitamate #1 center! He already has six 30 goal seasons and he's been the face of that franchise since it began. 

17) Eric Staal- What a player! He's 6'4, a great skater, captain, and has a Cup. He's posted 70 points or more since the lockout.

16) Pekka Rinne- Not many other goalie I would rather than Rinne. Ridiculous numbers last year witha 930 SV%% and 2.12 GAA

15) Matt Duchene- Maybe a little high, but 122 points in his first two years and I think he is going to be the best player from his draft year. In my opinion he's the face of that franchise right now and he will be for a long long time.

14) Duncan Keith- Definetely a top 5 defenseman in the league. Already has a great resume with a Cup and a Norris too.

13) Daniel Sedin- He and Henrik are insane together. I see a 90 point year from him this year.

12) Henrik Sedin- Same thing as Daniel.

11) Tim Thomas- I do not know if this is too low or high? Obviously, he a great athlete and has a ring.

10) Zdeno Chara- He's one of the best defenseman in the league for a while.

9) Corey Perry- He really impressed me last year and he's got everything you could want in a player. Size, speed, shot, ability to win.

8) Nicklas Lidstrom- One of the best players of All-time.

7) Jonathan Toews- You heard it here first. He will win 3 stanley cups by the time his career is finished. In my mind he is one of the best two way fowards and one of the best captains as well.

6) Shea Weber- In my mind he is currently the best defenseman in hockey.

5) Steven Stamkos- Best shot in hockey? One could make the argument. I see him winning a cup or two in his time.

4) Henrik Lundqvist- Best goalie in hockey, hands down. The Rangers would currently be winless and if not for Henrik, the Rangers would have missed the playoffs the last 3 seasons.

3) Alex Ovechkin- Most people say Crosby or Ovechkin? for the best player in hockey, not me. However I do think he will win a Cup eventually and end up scoring 700 goals in his career.

2) Pavel Datsyuk- Defintion of a two way foward. He might go down as the best Russian in the NHL ever! He has won a Stanley cup, a million selke trophies and without him Detroit is NOT a contender.

1) Sidney Crosby- Guys, I hate him as much as anyone, but let's be realistic here. Crazy stats, he has a stanley cup to his name, a hart trophy, a Gold Metal. I think when he comes back from his current injury he will be fine. But in my mind he is simply the best player in the NHL.


Honorable mentions- Ryan Kesler, Joe Thorton, Martin St. Louis, Anze Kopitar, and Evgenie Malkin

Future players who might crack the list- John Tavares, Jeff Skinner, John Carlson, Taylor Hall, and Jonathan Quick


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