Captain HindSight This team is one vinny prospal away from a stable offense

I didnt feel that good about letting Vinny go this summer but I came to the realization today that a player like prospal is exactly what this team needs to have the offense that we really want. Let me fully explain.


Lines as they stand





Also we sent down mza because we didnt have enough ice time for him

And Wolski is still battling his ball sack

Looking at this Quagmire we are not that adjustable, I know the pack line hasnt gotten going yet but they play great normally and not as well when broken apart as a line. We have both Richy and Gabby stuck together because we have no real place to put either if we want to split them to get one away from a defensive pair. The way the lines are setup now we also dont have a good plan for our first line left wing and rotating players in completely fubar everything, like Stepan in there now is great for that line but now we have Rupp-EC-Dingleberry making a calamity of themselves.


Lets think back now to Vinny Prospal, he still has enough left in his tank to play third line and PP easily. He was also responsible defensively, a great powerplay asset and could chip in 40 points playing second offensive minutes. He was almost a point per game player for us last season, season before he had 60 points, and look he has 8 points in 8 games for columbus this season.


Now he make sense because we can play him at center or wing and he can handle top line minutes if needed.

Our lines with prospal and wolski in





EC gone, Dingleberry gone, Rupp scratched or gone

And lines with Wolski injured



Hole Filler(maybe a whale kid or EC, or Feds)-Prospal/Stepan-MZA


Rupp can go ride the bus on the whale also.

That would also have given us flexibility to split Richy and Gabby up to get them away from a defensive pairing.

Also it gives us 2 players to move up and down with Wolski in Prospal and Step if he is performing subpar.

This would be the forward lines that I would feel confident in, a team that can roll 4 lines and has the experience and depth to go deep into the playoffs. Instead of now we have a fourth line of hacks and struggle when our #1 line gets shut down. With prospal we have 2 defensive lines and 2 offensive lines without we have 2 defensive lines 1 offensive line and a shit show.


Prospal or another responsible player that can play left wing and center is what we need, just an experienced guy that can play big minutes if needed but can put up 40 points. Wonder if the Blues would let Andy McDonald go cheap after he gets back from concussion assuming it isnt season ending, he might fill that prospal hole.


Since we cant get prospal back and dropped the ball on that one we can look elsewhere for a vet that can

Point being from hind sight we dropped the ball not giving prospal another reasonable contract he is the guy we needed to run the lines we hoped. We need to find this type of player somewhere in our system or look elsewhere because this shit isnt working and wont work deep into the playoffs either. Lets think when Wolski gets back where does Stepan go we dont have a line for him unless we bring MZA back up but then who plays with them, Rupp, EC, Dingleberry, Weise ooo wait fubared that one to.


Seeing our lines it looks like we had a solid offseason but screwed up the details, I assume we were hoping more rookies would be able to step up and get minutes but the big picture this offseason was flawed I feel, we could have been much deeper by keeping 1 player. Moral of this seasons begining, Hind Sight is a bitch

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