Rangers Quarter Grades

It's always fun to do stuff like this. Here are my grades for the players. Del Zotto- B+, He has really been good this year playing 22 minutes a game and not making many mistakes. While the Staal injury isn't good, Del Zotto I think has definetely benefited from it. Playing with a guy a solid as Sauer can really help a guy like Del Zotto giving him more margin for error. 

Girardi- A+, The guy is a stud. Leading the league in minutes and on pace for 45 points. Norris canidate?

Jeff Woywitka- D, He hasn't been awful, but I think he'll get the short end of the stick when Staal comes back, or Erixon.

Brandon Prust- C-, I think he's been a little disappointing this year, but the last few games he's played well.

Marian Gaborik- B+, He's back to Gabby we saw two years ago. He's on pace for 43 goals and it seems as if he's found a center that can get him the puck.

Sean Avery- B-, He's been very effective since the call up. He's played smart and offensively he's been good.

Brandon Dubinsky- F, He has been easily the most disappointing this season. One goal? Really? He has been noticeable but still. You don't pay guy like him $4 mil. to score one goal.

Brad Richards- B+, He has been very good, scoring big goals and on pace for a career high 33. The assists are down but I have no problem with the way he's played.

Derek Stepan- B+, So far no sophmore slump. He has really showcased his passing ability this year and found great chemistry with Gaborik. Random question for the day, Would you take Stepan or Eberle?

Brian Boyle- D, He's played like the old Brian Boyle this year, but lately he's been very solid and is playing well with Hagelin and Mitchell.

Ryan Callahan- A-, Simply amazing. Barring an injury, he should get 30 goals. Captain Callahan has been nothing short of spectacular.

Ruslan Fedetenko-D+, Started off slow, but looks better now and he has to be one of the best forecheckers on the team.

Ryan McDonaugh- A, Same thing with Del Zotto, The absence of Marc Staal has benefited him greatly. This guy can easily be one of the best d-men in the league. He's a very good skater with some offensive talent. He's averaged 25 minutes a game and he's incredible +12 this year. In 59 career games he's a +27.

Henrik Lundqvist-A+, So far, it's been his best year. He's got some ridiculous numbers with a SV% 935 and a 2.05 GAA. Big reason we've got the best team defense in the league, he erases a lot of mistakes.

John Mitchell- B, I know it's only been two games but he's been good. Keeps it simple, and he's effective.

Michael Sauer- B+, It's hard to believe that he's only a second year player. He playes like a 10 year vet. Much like Girardi when he first came up. Smart, makes the little plays, and really tough to play against. He's helped Del Zotto a lot.

Erik Christensen-F, This guy won't play another game as a Ranger.

Artem Anisimov- Only 2 goals but he's been alright. He can get 50 points.

Martin Biron- A+, I hope this guy retires a Ranger then becomes a coach or something. He's having a great year and will get 16-20 starts.

Steve Eminger- D, Eh, he's been ok. Only playing 13 minutes a game.

Mike Rupp-F, Bad signing.

Carl Hagelin-B, I'm only giving him a B cause he's only been up for two games, but he's been very good. Great speed. Definetly a better player than the one we saw in training camp.

Wojtek Wolski-F, Disaster, shouldn't see the ice unless an injury occurs.


Here's a poll after the jump.


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