Regarding the hilarious trade talk we have going on here


Listen fellas, if youre gonna trade a talent like Gaborik for a grinder like Brown, just because you think Brown would fit well in this system (which is a f*cking retarded premise to begin with since who wants a team full of third and fourth liners, or excuse me, "good" third and fourth liners), then I guess that means logic would bring us to trading Lundqvist for another backup, no? I mean, he is the talent who is being outperformed by Biron, is he not? 

See where im going with this? 

Yeah, lets have a team full of third liners and two backups because clearly, they all work better together. Good luck with that. Its not a real gameplan just because you have been mildly successful with it (at least in the short term). 
This system is only in place because outside of Gaborik, we dont have top end talent. Grinding it out/blocking shots/working hard is how we have to play to win. Gaborik is being asked to be a grinder, and hes an open ice player. This is why getting Richards actually opens it up a bit and helps Gaborik return to his game. Not even just Gaborik, Richards would help everyone else as well. Until you get players that actually have talent, then this is how its going to be for awhile. When are people going to start realizing this? Honestly, what does Gaborik have to work with at this point in time? Last year, this system was NOT in place, and it was more open ice, which is why he succeeded. He is an open ice player, he is not a grinder, and he sho uldnt be asked to be one. 

I can only imagine the dialogue between Torts and Gaby.

Torts: "Hey Marian, could you uh, ya know, dumb your game down a little bit but still put up 45 goals?" 

Gaby: (lol) "wut?"

One other thing.

Sather isnt actively shopping Gaborik, as a GM hes just doing his due diligence and listening to offers. 

Sather didnt get fleeced in trades for Jagr, Rozsival, Higgins, Gomez or anyone else. Just look at the returns for those trades. 

That means the only way Gaborik is getting traded is for a massive overpayment by the other team. 

and really, you honestly think the market for Gaborik is high with his contract and injury history with no new CBA in place after next season?

Lets use our heads people.

Re-sign the RFAs, buyout Drury, let FA's walk, sign Richards and maybe trade for Kaberle if he can be extended (to which we can trade Grachev and/or Gilroy and a pick) and bring up Kreider.


Kreider-Richards-Gaborik (wow, a line with actual raw talent, thats a shocker)








Del Zotto-McDonagh





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