Should teams be held responsible for their players?

I just seen that on top of suspending Trevor Gillies and Matt Martin of the Islanders with actually pretty healthy sized fines, in comparison to other lame fines I have seen given out, $24,193.52 and $41,585.36 in that order. They also fined the Islanders $100,000 which I applaud but I feel that the organization should be held more responsible.


The idea would be to teach self control from within. If the team gets hurt by a players actions there would be good odds on betting that players would be in more control if they know that the team would dump them and never resign them if they got out of line. Below are a few ideas to punish an organization for its players actions, and my reasoning for my propositions .

1) Automatically issue a fine that counts against the cap of a team of atleast 100k.

-Would piss off the people that sign a players contract and the players dont want to upset the money givers.

2) Automatically fine the coach the same amount of money that the offending player is fined.

-Would make a coach want to control their players actions and will make a player fear being benched or sent down to the ahl for committing a dirty play.

3) This would be my most extreme idea, if a player is injured and put on LTIR by a player on your team, the offending team will automatically pick up that players salary against its cap until the player returns from injury.

-This would definitely increase controlling a players actions from within, what would the Capitals do if the hit by Steckel on Crosby was considered dirty and they would have to put Crosbys cap hit on their team meaning they would need to adjust their roster to get back under the cap. It would probably mean that Steckel would never play in a capitals jersey again if that was the case.


Your thoughts on my ideas or any other ideas to help control players from within their organization.


My reasoning for this is that the nhl has definitely changed from before the lockout. Also players cannot police themselves the way they used to and goons in this league are becoming extinct. Add to this how quickly retaliation penalties are being thrown around now, and how soft and spotty the action taken by the NHL is. It would seem the easiest way to control players would be to make it an organizations responsibility to control its players by issuing heavy fines for the responsible teams.

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