The Only Player Worth Trading For: Brad Richards

So, what seems to be missing from our 7th seeded New york Rangers that warrants a trade now-a-days?

Well. lets see a real number one center would be nice to have, and I don't see why a Powerplay defenseman seems to be so hard to find, I mean we had one last year and his name was Michael Del Zotto, I think? But is getting both possible or even needed or are we okay with just trading for one. Well, the answer would be a big NO, because having both has been the blueprint since the lockout.... if you looked at all the Stanley Cup winners in the past 3 years Toews-Kieth/ Lidstrom-Datsyuk and Crosby-Gonchar a trend seems to be forming. Notice I didn't mention goalies, I mean, I don't know that Neimi, Fleury(overrated) and Osgood are anywhere close to what Hank is when he is locked in, so basically we have the upper hand in the goalie department on most teams.So, I am going to say we only need one of either a PP QB Defensman or a first line center. Having the king between the pies in my opinion cuts the need for both down to one.

So, what do we need more?

I'm going to play the cigar smoker and say we need a number one center more and there is not a better way to put it.

Now let me check the market for a number one center that can help my team on the powerplay...Jason Arnott and Brad Richards seem like nice options, but which one is do-able. Well, they both are, it's just about being realistic with your moves. Sure we can trade a second rounder to the Devils for Arnott and call it a day but is he really the answer for Gabby, the powerplay and our faceoff wins...not at all. We have to be realistic in what is a number one centerman, and I really don't think he fits that bill anymore.




So, it's Richards or bust right?

Well, ask the Yanks if they would rather start the year off Cliff Lee or Bartolo Colon, yeah that is how far the drop off is from what we have now and getting Richards,(or Richie Rich as I will call him, because WHEN Sather gives him a contract I am going to regret ever creating this post). Lets just say we would be better off with Richards between Gaborik and Prospal than Stepan or Anisimov right now.

Okay, so lets go get him.

Not so fast there my Ranger brethren. Who says he wants to come to the big city? Sure, he won a cup with Torts but does he like him genuinely? Only he can answer that question. Also...what about the boo-boo in Big D a couple years ago, anyone remember Sean Avery being cast off faster than Redden can say 'Hartford'? Yeah, I am sure he'd be thrilled to be in a locker room with that guy again More to the point, he has a NTC, he still has to waive it, and he likes the city and his team.

So what now?

Never fear, the trade deadline is near and people everywhere like, no, love money, and i'm sure Dallas has spoke with Richards about his chances of getting a big contract for years to come. So now that NTC stands for Need-The-Cash and i'm sure he knows where to get it. Richards just closes his eyes at night ...and sees Redden, Drury, Roszival and Gomez skating around a big heaping pile of money in the Garden with Glen lighting up a fat one and smiling... back to reality 'If they got that type of money I wonder what I can get', that's is shit for sure what I would say.

So, let us say he is on board, what do we give Dallas? Sauer and a fourth?

Join me after the Jump...

Yeah, Sather has been playing mind tricks on GM's of late but that is some sort of stretch, he is a star player guys. So we need to pony up some assets to lasso him in. Toronto just sent Versteeg for a first and a third, so Dallas would at least be setting the bar that high. Lets say Anisimov, and two second rounders would be Dallas' target, if not more. As much as, I dislike the idea of moving Artem, we have a system I think he does not benifit from and we have to be honest with ourselves as fans about that. We also, need to be honest with the fact that

A) The Stars will want a centerman with upside in return...

B)...They do not get Stepan.

C) Signing Cally and Dubi is priority numero uno this summer. 

4) I noticed Anisimov isn't clicking with Gabby.

Richards can do so much for this team in terms of leadership, scoring, Gaborik and the powerplay. Sure, he doesn't fit that grinding style either but that's not what we get him for. It's like being at a club with a girl you just met ,sure we can grind all night but if we don't score eventually... we just grind to long and find ourselves in the middle of a shootout. But in the really fancy  nightclubs(playoffs) there are no shootouts. Okay, maybe not the best analogy but I like it and it reminds me of Beavis and Butthead Do America("we're never gunna score!" , I digress.

 Do you believe the Stars will fall fast enough to be sellers?As I write this keep in mind... they are currently sitting 5th place, just lost to the Oilers, lost 7 of their last 9 and have 5 games before the dealine 3 of which are on the road against Calgary, Detroit and Vancouver. So, what do you guys think is it worth it, is it possible and do you like our chances?

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