Offseason Picture and 2012 Stanley Cup Starting Roster

Time to stop dicking around and make some moves in the right direction.  Here's my wishful predictions/ideas for the offseason.

+First, let's take a look at the players we have under contract for next year:





McDonaugh-Del Zotto


Drury is done in New York after this season.  Whether he retires or he's bought out its goodbye Chris.  He'll be remembered for doing the small things and cashing the big checks.  If he retires, we save 7. 5 in cap space.  Buying him out will save us a little under 3.5 million.   Boo is gone too, buying him out will cost us .5 mill against the cap so it saves up a million in space.   Del Zotto is twenty f'ing years old!!  He's got a free pass with me until he can buy his own liquor.  The rest can stay as well.  So through buyouts we save 4.5 in cap space. 


I love me some King Henry but 6.5 bones in goal is a lot.  He'll be here for the long haul of course.  Biron can stay. 


Prospal, Ruslan, Frolov, Eminger

Sorry guys its time for the young talent to get ice time.  Farewell.  These guys leaving will open up rougly 7.5 in cap space. 






Assuming Sather is somewhat rational he'll resign Boyle, Anisimov, Sauer and Callahan because those guys will most likely be asking for a fair deal. 

Then, there's Dubinksky.  He held out before and he's gonna want more than he's worth.  I say let him go be overrated someplace else.  But, Sather will give him the world because of his newly developed homegrown fetish.

Gilroy needs to go and think Sather knows that. He saves us 1.7 in cap space. 

So...we have 11 Forwards (-1) and 5 Defenders (-1) on the roster barring any moves.  One starting spot for a center who can win a faceoff, pass and score, and one starting spot for a D-man who can run a powerplay.  With our current roster, cap hits do to buyouts and our friend Gary Bettman raising the cap around 3 mill we have a little more than 14 million in cap space. Of course some of that will be used to give callahan, dubi, anisimov and boyle pay raises but at the end of the day there should be enough to make a splash in the summer. 

A big splash that is: Zach Parise and Brent Seabrook.  Both are RFA's but they're worth the draft picks. 

Unless Seabrook will sign for less than he's worth or Chicago can unload serious cash he will go somewhere else.  I'm hoping he's in a New York state of mind.  NJ seems to have turned it around but unless Parise gives them a hometown discount he might walk. 

Without further ado I give you the 2011-2012 starting lines:







McDonaugh-Del Zotto


Of course the lines themselves are subject to be changed within games and throughout the season but i think this core will deliver. 

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