Torts Blames Lundqvist!

"Hank has to be our guy and he will be our guy, but he hasn't been the last few games."

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 Now i most certainly agree that Henrik hasn't been Henrik the last few games , but is it right for Torts to go out and throw him under the bus and say we lost yesterdays game against the devils only because of Lundqvists poor play in net ? That is most certainly bogus . A few points about last nights game that irked me more then Lundqvists bad play

  • Our Powerplay was once again TERRIBLE  last night .. What were we 1 for 6 ? and the only goal coming from a 5 on 3 that we got lucky on ? Now if we would've had a better power-play and focus on that a bit more , then we wouldn't have to sit here and blame Lundqvist. Not only last night but our power play is looking worse then a pee-wee hockey team's power play. I see glimpses of good work but that only lasts for 10 seconds and it dissapears. Is it our desperate need for a PP QB or do we need to change the PP coaching ?
  • I never have been a big fan of Torts and last night with all his line shuffling is just ridiculous. Its been annoying all season and now its becoming a problem. The players who play well with each other and know each other well seem to always find new line mates by the end of the night and it irks me more then Henriks play. I am pretty sure torts shuffles the most lines in the NHL.  These should be the lines  in my opinion from people who play well together and have chemistry.
Cally- AA- Dubinsky Avery- Prospal- Gabby Zucc- Stepan- Wolski Prust- Drury- Boyle
These are the lines i see now that would work the best due to chemistry and recent play. Sorry if i got the lw/rw situation wrong but i feel these consistent lines can do a lot of damage. He does not let the team players build chemistry with each other on lines before he switches them up again.
  • Also a quick remark i do not understand why MDZ is in the lineup. He hasn't played terrible but he is still not at his game, and needs the rest of the season with the whales i believe. The second goal against the penguins was 100% his fault. I do not believe he has the right mindset atm, he wants to do to much and he needs to simplify his game.
 So i just feel Torts has no right calling Henrik out whether he has a bad stretch or not. He single handily carried the rangers for the past 5 seasons and without him the black and blue shirts would be where the Edmonton Oilers are every season.  Instead of doing that he should focus on his team and kiss Henrik's ass for all the games he single handily won for the rangers this season as well when hes been in his zone.
So what do you Guys think??
BTW I Loved Dave Maloney's assessment of the Devs on the post game..."they're playing mind numbing hockey again".
What a clown !  
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