What Hurts So Much About that Buffalo Loss?

Well, in a way it was not so much about the loss, as it was the reality of the team at the moment. Now take a step back and look at the team as if you weren't a fan. Just a fair-weather fan of hockey, watching a team lose a statement game that really meant something. 


2 POINTS - would be the technical and to some the most meaningful reason, but no for now those points were not all that was at stake that night.

Let us start small with the fact that we just went below the .500 line at HOME with 14 reg. wins and 15 Regulation losses. Okay so it's nit picking but losing that crowd is huge and having a skeptical home crowd, in the playoffs, that doesn't create an atmosphere for other teams to fear, even a little, is even bigger.

Moving on to another specific point is we were playing a game in which our crowd was witnessing a new product McCabe, that actually looked great in this game, but we came up empty after the deadline deal anyway. That is a game where after the deadline every team wants to come out with a bang and say hey we are ready to do some damage and show what run we're about to have. Now to go against the grain and say everyone(NHL Network, ESPN, etc.) who says 'ohhh this deadline wasn't as big as others in the past" are completely out of there minds. If anyone thinks that us,  the Caps and Kings didn't make the rosters significantly better, have mental issue because these teams will be going to the playoffs for those moves. With that said did we do what they did by just getting McCabe? I'll say yeah because I think we filled a real need.

Did this loss say this is what games will look like when you don't have a star playmaker in a guy like Richards or a pure sniper like Gabby in the lineup? Yeah, it is. Not that the whole hard work mantra isn't the best mantra to have but other teams need to be scared of getting scored on too. Buffalo definitely hated playing that hard nosed style and you can tell but we lost the game nonetheless.

 Ohh in comes the bitter fan reacting to this loss, 'we didn't get the officiating calls' blah, blah blah, here take two dimes and a nickel call some one who cares.  Until we can strike fear into another team, it doesnt' matter what the officials do because we get breaks during the season just like everyone and it evens out over the coarse of the year.

It was more or less the Eric Christensen  and Mats Zuccarello shitting on perfect opportunities in a game where a star, not a rookie( he gets a pass, he's young) or a journeyman( he most certainly does not) should have the puck on their stick. Don't get me wrong, I love the youth movement as much as the next guy, but we need a star leading the way down the stretch. I mean as much as we hate the guy Sidney Crosby burns the tank in the end of the game when it matters most and goes berserk. Staal doesn't. Malkin doesn't. Some guys have it. some don't. On our team we have it with Cally, Dubi, and Staal, but mainly in checking, grinding, skating and defense, where other guys have that scoring touch that you know is coming and there is just nothing you can do. Gaborik fits this bill but hasn't showed us for some reason because last year he was just that for us. If he comes back from this concussion okay, then we should see the 42 goal monster we saw last year, hopefully.

Until then we rely on one guy to be dominant and one guy only and his name is Henrik Lundvquist. This game could have been his showcase for whats to come but instead we want to forget the fact that he can be a goalie on fire. If he doesn't win some games for us soon then forget about this run because he is the team when it comes down to the knitty grit. So what do you guys think am I overreacting or do I make a valid argument over this one loss?

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