The curious case of the star player...


I’m a long time reader of the site, but a first time poster. The radio show is hilarious as well as many of the posts and comments you all have.


Lately there has been a lot of talk regarding Parise/Nash rumors, both of which I believe has probably less than 5% chance of actually happening. However, here is my rationale for why acquiring a “star” player would be worth the price. For the record, this is merely an argument for someone with the stature of Parise/Nash, and I will just use Parise for the sake of this argument so you have a sense of the type of player I’m talking about.


Parise, when healthy, is a top 5-10 player in the league. He is a potential 50 goal 50 assist type player, who works his balls off game in and game out. He plays Tort’s type of game, and would be a scary winger opposite Gabby regardless of center. He is also only 26 years old and entering the prime of his career. As far as a center goes, having Anisimov, Stepan, Boyle, and other youngsters coming up through the wings is pretty solid depth, and adding Parise makes it unnecessary to give Brad Richards a contract that’s way to long and for too much money

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I know what most people would say, that it isn’t worth the 4 first round picks it would cost to acquire him, and I believe it’s a lot different when you know the players drafted. When you say “imagine giving up Del Zotto, Mclwrath, Kreider, etc,” it seems like a steep price because we have become attached to these guys. What would you say if I had told you a few years back it would cost Montoya, Sanguinetti, and Korpikoski. That’s a bit of a different story. Parise was part of the 2003 draft, and since then there have been 224 first round picks (Obviously the last couples years picks haven’t come to their potential) and you can probably count on less than two hands the number of forwards that have more of an impact that Parise.


Parise is an incredibly skilled and unique player, and it is relatively unlikely that anyone in the first rounds of those drafts will be anywhere near the quality player Parise is now going into his prime. Our farm system is stocked with talented young players, and the jury is still out on whether some of them are first line nhlers or not. With Parise, you are getting a proven NHL top 10 player who is in the early prime of his career.


Additionally, we are young enough now that giving up 4 first round picks won’t cripple us in the long run. As of now, we have an incredibly young team of players that should be with the club for years, and many more players waiting in the wings. Giving up 4 first round picks could be a price worth paying for a player of Parise’s skill set. After adding Parise you would have two legitimate offensive threats with our incredible depth of 2nd and 3rd line players. Then phasing players like Krieder, Thomas, Werek, Hagelin, etc into the lineup would make for a pretty scary team down the line, and a young one at that.


Note: Didn’t really pay attention to which wings or defensive side people play on





Prust-Boyle- (Insert Grinder Here)







(Irrelevant backup)


Tell me that wouldn’t be a scary team for the next 5-7 years, and wouldn’t be worth giving up 4 first round picks with such a young team and a pretty stacked farm system? Gaborik and Henrik aren’t getting any younger, and this would certainly make them a serious contender while both are in their primes. People are so hesitant to give up players and prospects for “star” players, and understandably so considering the aging “star” players we have been saddled with in the past, but the players that have recently been brought up it’s a different story. There are players down in the system now that people (including myself) are very fond of, such as Kundratek, Valentenko, Mclwrath, and Del Zotto. I’m just using the defense as an example. Everyone wants to see these players play for the rangers, but at whose expense? For the first time in a long I can truly say I like pretty much everyone on this team (with a couple exceptions,) but at this point there isn’t room for all of these prospects in the big club, and at some point you have to start selling some of the assets you stocked up to fill other needs, such as top end offensive talent.


Now I’m not saying that we should decimate our farm system for multiple nhl players, but putting together a nice package for someone of Parise’s talent and age would certainly push us over the top when you combine them with our solid core, defense, depth, and goaltending.


Again, let me reiterate I do not think this will happen at all, but if there was even the slightest chance to get a player of that stature I have to think it would be worth the shot

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