A look inside the "High Security" Ward of the BSB Mental Institution

After last night's turd fest on the island I decided to share with the world a first hand glimpse inside the "High Security" Ward of the Blueshirt Banter Mental Institution. Warning: It's not pretty 

As you first walk in you notice Jim Schmiedeberg sitting at table slowly sharpening his hunting knife muttering something about "Those damn fishsticks" 

Next we see Dig Deep, he's forgotten his real name a long time ago, he's on an old timey desktop  trying to find the most hideous pictures of Marty Brodeur he can find and after he does he douses his eyes in's not a pretty picture

We move on down the ward to find George sitting on the floor rocking back and forth, a broken abacus at his feet laughing as he babbles about GVT and the uselessness of +/- to judge a player. A truly horrifying sight. 

There's a loud bang as we see a truly disturbing patient, he calls himself 8kpower, he jumps around the ward with a battered Rangers jersey professing that the team is still a playoff team and that he isn't jumping off of some cliff. The rest ignore him and roll their eyes at his rantings 

At this point the doors burst open and all the patients turn white as in steps the warden Cam Talbot. To his left is Chief Psychiatrist Marian Gaborik who seems to fade in and out if the light hits him the right way. And to the warden's right are the Ward's chief optimism officers Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky though they seem beat up and exhausted. 

As they approach Jim hides the knife but avoids eye contact, Dig shuts off his computer and cowers under his bed. Talbot walks over to George who is almost done reassembling his abacus. Warden Talbot looks George in the eyes as he breaks the abacus again, sets it on fire, and pisses on it. He walks away as George breaks down in tears.

The rest of the patients all cower and hide from the Warden as he makes his way over to 8k who is standing defiantly clutching his jersey and muttering "It's not over yet, it's not over yet". Talbot just shakes his head and moves on to Caerid, a man with a lot of anger towards the medical staff here at BSB already put on watch for breaking Dr. Frolov and Superintendent Drury's knees. He looks at Dr. Gaborik who moves to put Caerid down with a tranquilizer but he misses wide and ends up putting Ryan Callahan out of commission. 

Warden Talbot shakes his head in disgust and walks out of the ward. Knowing that tomorrow will be another day to push these patients even further by assaulting them to FDN and other such torture devices 

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