This just in: You DO Need a Quality Netminder in the Playoffs


You DO need a good goalie to succeed in the playoffs!!!

After the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, the hockey world took a 180 turn in a different direction, and suddenly, all hockey pundits/experts/even some GM''s, agreed that average goaltending can win you a cup.

Fast-forward to today, and the hockey world is once again taking another 180 turn, and realizing that YES!, last year was a fluke, and you DO need a legitimate goalie to make a run in the playoffs. 

As of today, the final 4/5 teams in the 2011 Playoffs, (depending on tonight's result in the Nashville-Vancouver game [GO PREDS!]) have number-1 goalies.

Pekka Rinne, Roberto Luongo, Tim Thomas, Dwayne Roloson, Jimmy Howard, and Anti Niemi (yes, he is good) are all pretty damn good at keeping the puck out of the net. You can obviously make a case for each individual about how good he REALLY is, based on the teams in front of him, but the theory that a "back-up goalie who has no history of consistently performing at an elite level(or performing at all) can still carry the team from Game 83 to win#16" has been put to rest, after just 1 season.  

Even an extremely talented team, that is stacked with snipers, playmakers, grinders, danglers, more snipers, douchebags, thieves, and a rediculous defensive corps (cough Philtydelphia Flyers cough), can't get past the 2nd round with two three back-up goalies. 

So on this day, I would like to officially put an end to such a silly theory. Agreed?


Henrik Lundqvist, we really DO need you!


(If I was a certified journalist/writer/etc., I would leave out this next piece of information; however, I am not, so I'm just letting my fellow banter-ers? know, that this realization came to me on the 9th hour of my current finals-study-session. GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FELLOW HARD-WORKING COLLEGE STUDENTS WHO PUT IN A LOT OF HARD WORK INTO THEIR STUDIES AND TO  THE ONES WHO DRANK THEIR ASSES OFF, NEVER WENT TO CLASS, PUT HOCKEY AND THE RANGERS BEFORE ANY SCHOOL/JOB/GF RELATED RESPONSIBILITIES, BEST OF LUCK TO YOU TOO!)

...ohh, so that's how the CAPS button works ;)

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