So in my daily look onto (side note: I highly recommend this site to everyone for hockey news - unlike they provide extensive coverage beyond people named Sidney Crosby and/or Alex Ovechkin) I saw this very good article on "NHL PLAYER WON-LOSS RECORDS 2010-2011" (

The article basically ranks the top players in wins/losses in games they played and didn't play.  Scott Cullen gives us 4 different charts for the players  - best win/loss record with a team, worst win/loss record with a team, highest point percentage for their team when in/out of lineup, and lowest point percentage for team when in/out of a lineup.

Ok, so complicated and difficult to explain.  But the cool part about the article is that it features ONE ranger in the top chart (top 10 actually) - and it is for a good thing.  

Join me after the jump to hear who it is... 

This chart here is the TOP 10 in "the difference in a team's record (or point percentage) when a player is in or out of the lineup."  #10 is our very own Ruslan Fedotenko.


Player Team In IPt. % Out OPt. % Diff.
Vladimir Zharkov NJ 25-10-3 .697 13-29-2 .318 .379
Andrew MacDonald NYI 28-23-9 .542 2-16-4 .182 .360
Jason Arnott WAS 10-0-1 .955 38-23-10 .606 .349
Jeff Tambellini VAN 46-9-7 .798 8-10-2 .450 .348
Milan Jurcina NYI 24-15-7 .598 6-24-6 .250 .348
Adam Burish DAL 38-18-7 .659 4-11-4 .316 .343
Alexei Ponikarovsky LA 39-17-5 .680 7-13-1 .357 .323
Nick Palmieri NJ 26-14-3 .640 12-25-2 .333 .306
Mark Fayne NJ 32-23-2 .579 6-16-3 .300 .279
Ruslan Fedotenko NYR 39-23-4 .621 5-10-1 .344 .277

We have all spoken a lot about Ruslan at BSB through the different game threads, comment sections, fanposts, and everything else for that matter.  Sure he didn't lead the team in points and some might say that he didn't have that much of an impact in our offense.  I wanted to write this post to show that not only did he lead the Rangers in bringing wins to the team, he was the 10th best at it in the league.  It has always been our discussion that certain players bring a lot of "intangibles" to the team, and although we have always said Ruslan brings a lot of them, these stats here show that he also brings us a lot of wins.  

I think the true value in this chart shows us how a certain player fits into a team's system.  You can see that there aren't any so called superstars on this list; instead it is filled with role players / grinders / etc.  For Ruslan - not only do the Rangers earn significantly more wins with him in the lineup than they do with him out of the lineup, the fact that he leads the team in this stat shows that he actually plays the "Rangers game" better than all of the other Rangers.  He is more or less in the "top 10" in "fitting in with your team to make it successful."  Long story short, we need to re-sign him for next year.


And just for kicks, I'm going to leave you with the bottom two players in the league:

Player Team In IPt. % Out OPt. % Diff.
Matt Martin NYI 21-36-11 .390 9-3-2 .714 -.325
Jamie Langenbrunner NJ 6-23-2 .226 32-16-3 .657 -.431


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