Messin around with cap geek

So first time posting on the site. I got bored at work (thank you night shift) decided to play with cap geek. I see that alot of people have their opinions on what the roster will look like next season. So with that i put my two cents in.

First off im not sold on Richards. I like him and it would be great to get him but not at that money. We can use that money to lock up our home grown guys for longer term deals. I think if we could on the cheap get some one like Eric Cole as a stop gap till Stepan grows into the role i'd be ok with but still would rather let Stepan ride out the storm at the top. Another part of this would allow us to put Brian Boyle at the third line center which i think he earned this pass year. Leaving us with a Fourth line with no center, thats where i think we should consider bringing back Fredrik Sjostrom. He is perfect to keep our PK at the top of the league and help out on cruicle face offs. Our next issue would be having solid tough guy. Just like every one else Prust is great but keeping him healthy to provide everything else he does for the team is what must be done. So i look at the young Micheal Haley from our hated rivals the isle's. Watched the kid he is fearless when it comes to dropping the gloves and has some talent as well. He keeps with our youth movement and will spell Prust from having to fight everyone.

I put MZA on the first line because i think his play making ablity with Stepans vision will give Gabby a whole lot of oppertunity to put the puck in the net. The Secound line is the Pack line they will just keep getting better the more they play together. There is no reason to break them up. Third line i dont think we need to let Avery go yet so with him and Boyle they can help Grachev become the player we all believe he can one day be. And obviously the Fourth line with our tough and rough Prust and new young enforcer Haley. They will fight everyone and give us respectablity when the gloves need to be dropped.


Now to Defense first pair shouldnt change. Secound pair i would like to see McD with Erixion to hopfully give more offensive punch. Third pair Sauer with either Kundratek or McIlrath thats not to say that Valentenko couldn't earn the spot.

Goalies are solid in both the King and Biron, Biron is criticle in my opinion because he spells Lundy and gives us a shoot out advantge.


Players that i see gone are EC (Bust) , Prospal (sorry to see go), Druy (Buyout), MDZ (AHL), Gilroy (gone somehow)

If i forgot someone let me know in the comments. Have at it Brothers!!  

Mats Zuccarello-Aasen ($1.750m) / Derek Stepan ($0.875m) / Marian Gaborik ($7.500m)
Brandon Dubinsky ($4.200m) / Artem Anisimov ($2.550m) / Ryan Callahan ($4.200m)
Sean Avery ($1.937m) / Brian Boyle ($1.500m) / Evgeny Grachev ($0.816m)
Brandon Prust ($0.800m) / Fredrik Sjostrom ($1.000m) / Micheal Haley ($0.850m)
/ / Wojtek Wolski ($3.800m)

Marc Staal ($3.975m) / Daniel Girardi ($3.325m)
Ryan McDonagh ($1.300m) / Tim Erixon ($1.750m)
Tomas Kundratek ($0.816m) / Mike Sauer ($1.000m)
Dylan McIlrath ($1.370m)

Henrik Lundqvist ($6.875m) / Martin Biron ($0.875m)

CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
(these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion)
SALARY CAP: $59,400,000; CAP PAYROLL: $53,066,665; BONUSES: $3,187,500
CAP SPACE (22-man roster): $6,333,335

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