Why I am backing off the Draft ledge....and so should you.

Can't predict our scouts but we can sure predict NYR fan reactions. As usual they go a bit off the draft board and we have a slight heart-attack.

I think the thing is most of us were looking for us to draft some big upside on offensive skill players to help with our goal scoring problem. I too was a bit disappointed.I too wanted the next best scoring rookie.

But the thing is (contrary to what others have said. not that they are wrong, I just don't agree.) you DO need to build a team identity. From the coach right down the lines. The Rangers are actually doing that, finally. And that identity is  being tough to play against, strong characters players and good (team) Defense.

Take that core team, sprinkle in an elite goalie and the right Free Agent signings and you have yourself a team that will compete. Not a team for now, not a team for just 3 years...but a team, team identity, team concept. And to do that you need to restock the cupboard with those types of players. And from that you get the understandable reaction of "we already have those types of players."

Yes we do and it's those players we need to draft again. Fast forward a few years.... Staal, Dubi and/or Cally are UFA and want crazy money. We got this kid that has progressed well and can step into that role, maybe even learned a few things from being around those 'vets' and became even better at their role. But with a hell of a lower salary. Which would give you the financial freedom to do a little sprinkling. Players leave, but the team identity stays the same. And I have no problem with it being that type of team, I respect it.

That's why you draft theses types of players.

That's why you can never have enough good defense. Look over the past few days and see what trades got the biggest return. What 'unmovable contract' was able to be moved? In general, defensemen are valuable assets. And we do a good job with coaching them. Goes back to that identity. If we draft/coach good defensemen, and we have some extra of those assets (while keeping the best for us) then you can get a good return back on forwards when you trade for them to fill a few holes.

So take a breath, step back. All is good in Rangerworld (mostly). We just added a good young player that plays hard. Was he the best available? Maybe not but he wasn't that far away. Is he going to be a super all-star? Probably not, but you could say the same thing for the rest that were left. The very few will be all-stars and you only know for sure for few of the very few. Maybe this kid is one of the few. The one you didn't know about or wasn't projected that high but surprised people.

No need to go through all the scouting reports on this kid because really, bottom line, we all know shit compared to men that does this for a living in one of the biggest sports in the world on one of the biggest stages. Contrary to belief it normally is not that easy to get to that level (yeah I can't explain Milbury). Both Gordie and Gorton have good draft history with us and in their prior jobs. Do they have a stinker in  their closet? Every scout does. Do they always draft winners? No Scout does. They have done well so far, so lets give the experts a little benefit of the doubt here.

Step back....Have fun with it. We don't know shit. Unless you are a professional scout and have seen these players play a bunch of times, if so, then I apologize for saying you don't know shit.

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