Who things Parise is going to Arbitration?

One can only hope that Lou cannot commit Parise to a long term contract. Also the coaching situation, that is still unresolved, is helping the cause. I remember an old quote that Parise had saying that he did not favor the lack of consistency that rotating coaches yearly brings.


I know Lou put in for the team elected arbitration so he can keep offersheets away form Parise but lets just pray that he cant get a deal worked out with Parise for an extended period of time. If they get to the arbitration hearing and they sign Parise for the one year arbitrary contract then he is a UFA next season, which will really deepen the available UFA pool. With him, Semin, and Sharp all available to fill out top line wing, it will help with the price a little.

Now lets assume that the Devils cannot get Parise to sign a long term contract and he goes to Arbitration and gets the one year deal. Next offseason we could be a team in the running for Parise.

Wolski- should be traded at the deadline because I have a feeling he is going to be playing very well in his contract year but will return to being enigmatic if he gets a new deal for a few seasons.


Avery's contract is up after this season

Fedetenko is a UFA after this season

Christensen is an UFA after this season, if we dont dump him before next offseason

Those four players there eat up a nice chunk of cap space

WW 3.8mil

Avery 1.9375mil

Feds 1.4mil

Christensen .925mi

cap space freeing up would be just over 8mil in cap space available

Prust is a UFA but I would like to retain him if possible.

Biron is a UFA that can be retained for cheap or give the spot to a kid for cheap

MZA and MDZ are both RFAs and we will see if we keep the viking hobbit experiment.

Also the Drury buyout might totally go away with the new CBA or at the least it will give us another

2.05mil in cap space or 3.6 mil if they dont hold us for that last bit in the new CBA.

Also if the cap ceiling continues to rise with the new CBA then we would have even more breathing room


Point making we would have the cap space available to resign the players that we want to keep and gun for Parise, and if the CBA doesnt shut the door completely on front loading contracts to bring the cap hit down we could probably lock Parise up long term in the 7mil range cap hit.

Leaving our first line to be Parise-Richards-Gaborik, that would be a hell of a line. The elite sniper, the elite play maker, and Parise the elite dirty goal scorer, for lack of a better term. I feel it is a line that could compliment each other well.


Final thought is if Sather does his job well this offseason and extends our current RFA contracts to expire after 3 or 4 years then we would be able to retain them because we would have more money coming with Gaboriks contract expiring and Hank likely taking a lesser contract the way most Goaltenders tend to do in their 30s.


I am thinking about this now because the entire plan revolves around what happens over the next few weeks. It will depend on Parise's arbitration, and our own rfa signing lengths and contract size.

I would think anyone would be crazy if they werent looking at what was happening with Parise in the hopes that he comes to their team after this season. I think we would be a nice draw to him also. We are close by so relocation would be no big deal. He knows the fans and the teams identity, which fits into his playing style well. Also he would see that we are building a contender and have money to give him and fans to support him. Seems like sound reasons to want to sign with a team to me.

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