30 to 1... Top Jerseys

I'm bored and can't wait until training camp. All the Rangers topics have been covered so I'm just going to have a little fun. Top 30 Jereseys. Worst to best obviously. The list is for all of the unis put together. 1,2, and 3 jersey.

30- Islanders- Congrats! They have never had good uniforms. From the fishstick unis to now. Gross!!

29- Canucks- Just nasty. A weird blue and they have a hockey stick inside a square. Don't understand it.

28- Hurricanes- Like the Nucks and Isles, they've never had good jerseys. Those 3 jerseys are hard to look at.

27- Nashville Predators- They improved this offseason with a new design, but it is not much better. Remember those mustard ones?

26- Devils- I dont know what that symbol is?

25- Sabres- How can anyone like the Buffaslug? And those ones they wore on Stepan's hat trick night... nasty

24- Sharks- YUCK!!

23- Coyotes- Nothing very good about them, especially the 3 jersey.

22- Blue Jackets- Those 3 jerseys they wore last year actually kind of neat.

21- Stars- Meh, nothing special, sort of plain.

20- Lightning- Finally they came out with decent ones this year.

19- Flames- They have a history of bad, i mean bad jerseys. I do kind of like the orange ones they used in the Canada Classic thing game.

18- Jets- They're ok

17- Capitals- Better than the past ones and certainly better than thos weird blue one they wore in the cup finals vs. Detroit

16. Penguins- Nothing special.

15- Senators- They're alright

14- Avalanche- 3 jerseys are nice, I loved those ones the wore that said Colorado on them. Kind of purpully, but still good.

13- Kings- Nice Nice jerseys.

12- Oilers- Love the throwback jerseys. Looks good on T. Hall.

11- Flyers- Can't believe I'm saying this, I sort of like em. Winter Classic ones were nice.

10- Blues- Sexy 3 jerseys.

 9- Wild- Wish the coloring was different, but great designs.

 8- Bruins- Good 3 jerseys, very traditional home and away as well.

 7. Ducks- Maybe it's becuase their past jerseys were so horrific, but these are a big upgrade.

 6. Canadiens- Let's forget about those striped ones. These are great.

 5. Maple Leafs- Very classy

 3. Red Wings- Beautiful

 2. BlackHawks- Breathtaking really

 1. NYR- Simply Amazing! 

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