The Flyers Have Some Problems

it's the All-Star break. I got bored already. Looking up and down the Flyers roster and salary they clearly have serious issues. I'm going to point them out.

Chris Pronger- No longer the defenseman he once was (not to mention he's injured) Pronger is signed for another 5 seasons at $4.9 million cap hit. If he retires that would be the best thing for the flyers but what if he doesn't? He also has a NMC. Buying him out would also be pretty costly as well. If he was bought out today the buyout cap hit would $4.9 until the 2017-18 season. Take into account we have no idea what the next CBA is.

Danny Briere- Guy has a $6.5 million cap hit at the age of 34. He's signed on for another 3 years. This is less of a problem but if his production dips that could pose a huge problem but you could say the same for Brad Richards.

Mr. Universe- The man who didn't even start in the Winter Classic carries a $5.6 million cap hit until 2020. I still think he is a decent goalie but he will never live up to his contract. Did I mention he has a NMC? I don't know who the hell would give a goalie a NMC but it's just stupid. The Flyers better hope he returns to decent form. I like Bryz but that contract was just stupid to give him.

Claude Giroux- The guys a monster. He's the real deal. Here's the thing I see with him. If i'm a GM in the NHL and I'm near the salary floor, and see Claude Giroux as a RFA, I might throw him an offer sheet for all the money I could find. I would trade away a lot to make room for him and build a franchise. If your the Flyers what do you do? Do you give up Giroux and take the draft picks and compensation or do you keep your superstar? If the Flyers are in salary cap hell in 3 years they might not be in a position to keep Giroux if he were to sign a ridiculous offer sheet.

Matt Carle- He's a good solid defenseman in this league. He's a UFA after this year and could walk and get more money. Do the Flyers trust their young guys or do they have to put themselves in a postion closer to the cap? If i'm Paul Holmgren I might ship off Carle for a serviceable defenseman and a solid draft pick. That's just me playing armchair GM.

JVR- He's playing injured right now but compared to other players his age and their development Van Riemsdyk is behind. Next year he's going to have a $4.25 million cap hit but will the production be there? That's a big question mark. I might do a JVR for Luke Schenn swap if i'm Paul Holmgren especially if I think Pronger is done forever. Flyers want to get Ryan Suter also. Maybe JVR for Suter with JVR as the centerpiece?

I think if Mike Richards was still on the Flyers they would be in a better position. Maybe that means not having Schenn and Simmonds (And possibly Jagr depending on if Holmgren wanted to make the cap workout) but they would be in a better position in the future. They could trade Richards or JVR for Schenn, Suter or even Weber without losing on offense too badly. Without Richards, they now have to deal a core piece of their team like JVR to make up on the back end. Keep in mind Kimmo Timmonen isn't getting any younger also as well as the fact Pronger may be done forever.

The Flyers will be forced to trade one of JVR, Couturier, and Schenn if they want to get a guy like Suter. Lucky for them they are deep down the middle

That's my analysis on the outside looking in. As it appears, the Flyers have some issues and I can't wait to see what Holmgren has up his sleeve. I'm going to guess they're going to get that defenseman they're looking for and sacrifice either JVR or Schenn to do it.

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