Lundqvist Next Ranger To Go Overseas?

Whats going on fellas? Having Hockey-withdrawal? Worried about your beloved Rangers abroad (e.g. Nash, Mcd, Hagelin)? You are? Well get a looks like we have even more to worry about now.

According to Sport Bladet, a swedish website, Henrik Lundqvist has just landed in Sweden and will possibly stay there until the lockout is over.

Here is the link to the article (in Swedish and after the jump is the google translation for it.

If the king really does sign this week, then this changes things drastically.

He has been attending all NHLPA vs NHL negotiations. He has been vocal about the lockout on his twitter and with the media. Basically, he is the Crosby of goalies when it comes to these negotiations. What do I mean by that? Well, if Crosby was reported to have landed in Russia this past weekend ready to sign with an interested club, the owners and Buttmen would be like "Oh shit, our superstar player and most marketable player in the league is giving up on these negotiations and doing whats best for him, not the NHL"

Same applies to the King. He is the best goalie in the world. He plays under the brightest lights in the world. He is the best looking athlete. He is....the most interesting man in the world.

Sorry I got carried away with that last one, but seriously.

So, its mid-October, and the King has probably started to realize something that we've all been trying NOT to accept. A resolution to the lockout is nowhere in sight.

Now lets just pray that he stays healthy. And super duper good.

LANDVETTER. Here lands Henrik Lundqvist, 30, on Swedish soil.

The world's best hockey goalie is at home in Gothenburg.

- I will have a discussion with Frölunda, he says to Sportbladet.

Around 09 o'clock on Saturday morning landed Henrik Lundqvist, his wife Therese, daughter Charlise and the family dog ​​at Landvetter Airport. They had with them a large number of bags that testifies to stay in Sweden can be long.

- I am first and foremost here to meet friends and family, and I have told Frölunda too. Then we'll see where it ends somewhere. It's the only thing I can say right now, says Lundqvist when Sportbladet meet him.

When asked if he is playing hungry he answers:

- Of course, I miss hockey. It's been a long summer.

"Considering the many things"

Frölunda has for a long time held a dialogue with Henrik Lundqvist. And the star goalie himself has always said that it is Frölunda concerning the NHL lockout is prolonged. Gothenburg club has solved the issue of funding, but claims it has not yet decided whether to tie him. Yet indications are that it is only a matter of time before Henrik Lundqvist guard cage in Scandinavium.

- There are many factors that come into play. It's not just decide to play. I weigh in many things in such a decision. We'll see where it ends somewhere, saying "Henke".

"Rangers opinion matters"

What do the New York Rangers?

- I think all clubs see it as it is up to the players to prepare in the best way. The most important thing is that you are ready when it starts. Then are all different and preparing in different ways.

So they have not said no, anyway?

- We can not have a discussion with them much because of the lockout, but obviously does their opinion very much to me. I've been there for seven years and hope to be there a long time. You will come back, says Lundqvist before jumping into a waiting car.

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