So I was at the Whale game in Bridgeport 11'11'12

And i wont be giving you a full game report, as i am not a statistician. Rather, i'll tell you how some of the Rangers prospects played, by me just eye-balling it. If i forget someone important that you want to know about leave it in the comments and ill try to tell you how they played. The score of the game was 4-3 Bridgeport.

Chris Kreider- the man everyone wants to know about. Chris has a pretty good start to the season with 1goal and 6assists for 7points (duh). I wasnt on the expectation that he was going to play as well as he did for the Rangers in the playoffs last season. But i was expecting a certain amount of production for this big rivalry game. He played very well defensively, stayed in position, blocked a ton of shots, and stripped the puck carrier more than 3 times. All in all, backchecking was great. The offense, not so much. His forechecking was atrocious, completely unrecognizable from last season. Maybe it was an off game. Someone who has 7points in 10 you would think can play better. But they have the kid on the PK so that shows they trust him and thats a good sign.

Kris Newbury- just ugh. His play was sloppy. Couldn't win faceoffs. More turnovers than i can count on one hand. And STUPID STUPID penalties. Long story short, he wound up costing the game.

Cam Talbot- played like Cam Talbot

Ryan Bourque- started out well, skating hard. But after the 1st, he became completely invisible. Couldn't tell if he was benched or not.

Christian Thomas & Andrew Yogan- I couldn't tell if they were scratched or not. If they weren't, they did nothing to catch my attention, so i hope they were.

Dylan McIlrath- sadly, scratched. He was the one player i drove all the way to bridgeport to see.

Matt Gilroy- not exactly a prospect but he has a good chance of getting some platoon work. I thought he played quite well. Didn't skate very well that night, but more than made up for it with his dangling, creating space, and setting up a forecheck. Well done.

JT Miller- Finally, the one player i can give a sparkling review to. This kid was an animal! Didn't show it on the stats sheet, but he played his heart out and scared the hell out of the Soundtigers. From the 3rd period on, he had double coverage on him everytime he got the puck. He set up people, skated well, took the body, and was really the only whale player i can say gave it his all. Look for this kid to get some time on the Rangers if this lockout ever ends (boo).

There was also a scary incident with defensman Jyri Niemi. He was hit from behind by Colin McDonald. A streacher was needed to get him off the ice and he didn't look good. I've been looking for updates on the guy but the internet doesn't exactly carry breaking news for no name minor league players. If anyone has any info on him, please let me know, thanks.

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