Time for MSG and Time Warner to pay!!!! My new campaign!

For those of us caught in between the Time Warner MSG war and unable to watch the Rangers or other teams MSG covers.

I am mad as H-E-Double hockey sticks and not gonna take it anymore!

I really don't care who's in the right, but it is time to make them both pay.

My campaign is simple, If you own stock in either of their companies......SELL IT!!!!

It's not just enough to switch to DirectTV or Fios.

Many of the 2.3 million caught in this battle have neither option which makes MSG suck.

MSG also pulled this with Dish Network.

Time Warner is too cheap to come to terms with NFL Network, so I feel pretty confident MSG is gone for good too on Time Warner.

The way to make them pay is make February 14th National FU MSG and Time Warner day if they can't resolve this by then.

The way this works is simple, if enough of us who own MSG or Time Warner stock who are sick of this crap sell their stock on February 14th, it will drive down the stock price due to the volume.

This will in turn trigger computer selling of both stocks by Hedge funds, Pension managers and Investment banks, further driving down the price. People will begin shorting both stocks once this occurs, driving the price even further down, forcing both MSG AND Time Warner to have to use assets to cover any loans from drop in stock backed price.

The reason I have chosen February 14th, is we can show them the same kind of love they have shown us.

If we can get enough affected people on board we can make them pay for the missed games.

Even if you are not affected by the MSG TWC standoff, you might want to climb onboard if you own Time Warner or MSG stock or risk facing a huge loss in value of your stocks in these two rotten greedy companies February 14th.

Tell everyone if you've had enough, post to facebook, twitter about this, make a website, make this go viral if you are sick of it, send it to everyone in your email list, or make a comment link to this post in any story you can comment on that is related to this standoff or any teams affected by it.

Thank you for your time to read this and participation in this event should you choose to.

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